8x8, provides the full spectrum of business communications from telephony, through Unified Communications and Contact Center services. 8x8's Virtual Contact Center Product is tightly integrated with NetSuite to provide the easiest to use and most powerful combination of contact center and CRM available in the market today.

8x8, provides the full spectrum of business communications from telephony, through Unified Communications and Contact Center services. 8x8's Virtual Contact Center Product is tightly integrated with NetSuite to provide the easiest to use and most powerful combination of contact center and CRM available in the market today.

8x8 and NetSuite for Contact Center

8x8’s Virtual Contact Center is closely integrated with the NetSuite CRM solution to help organizations build closer and more profitable relationships with customers through improved, efficient interactions.

Our NetSuite integration supports single sign-on, saving users from logging into multiple systems and enhancing your security by reducing the number of passwords that need to be managed and saved. Screen pops deliver customer and ticket information directly in the NetSuite desktop, and write reporting information into the NetSuite database to enable reports that span the full life of a ticket, including all relevant interactions.

Key Benefits

8x8’s Virtual Contact Center solution (VCC) is our cloud based offering that helps organizations build better relationships with their customers while saving significantly on the cost of running their contact center. VCC is:

  • Customer Centric—Makes it easy for customers to do business with you, improving your brand, building loyalty, and keeping you competitive in your market.
  • Secure and Reliable—High-availability and strict compliance to required industry standards.
  • Complete—Fits easily into into your environment and scales to meet new needs.
  • Simple—Get up and running in no time. Quickly turns your staff into power users, increasing productivity with an efficient user interface. Administrators get the right reports and tools they need to improve customer experience and better manage performance.
  • Global—With 24/7, follow-the-sun, regional telephone connectivity for all agents and users, regardless of location.

Customer Quote

In the past, our agents had to pick up calls without knowing who was on the other end and then manually enter customer information into NetSuite. It was a time-consuming process for both parties. 8x8's NetSuite integration has significantly reduced call wait times for customers, and enabled our agents to complete calls within minutes.
- Justin Warren, head of US customer service for BlueAir’s Chicago office.

Virtual Contact Center

8x8's Virtual Contact Center solution (VCC) provides a variety of different capabilities to our customers. These functions can be categorized into the following values

  • Completely Cloud based solution - nothing to load on your system beyond a browser
  • Quick to deploy, easy to use - get up and running quickly and enjoy efficiency over the long haul.
  • Global coverage - serve customers wherever they are in the world. Match customers to the right resource and ensure that person has the information they need right at hand.
  • Multi-Channel support - allow customers to reach your company on the channel of their choice, or reach out to them with outbound capabilities built into your system.

One Stop for All Your Communications Needs

8x8 is unique in the industry with our ability to offer businesses of all sizes the full spectrum of communications capabilities from telephone services, through Unified Communications and conferencing and Contact Center Services. Make all of your communications options simple by using a cloud vendor who can meet all of your needs.

8x8 Virtual Contact Center allows you to ensure that your customer will always get to the right agent, no matter where they are located, who can best solve their problem, on the channel of their choice. In addition 8x8 Virtual Office frees your employees from their desk with IP and mobile-based tools that allow them to work from the office, their home or wherever they may be. All of these capabilities seamlessly integrate with NetSuite’s solutions and as a result your company productivity will soar and your customer relationships will be taken to the next level.

Match Customers to the Right Resource

In the Virtual Contact Center environment you can match customers to the agent who can best serve their needs by using the skills of each agent to decide which agent best meets the needs of each customer during each interaction. Prioritize customer interactions based on the value of your customers to ensure that you are providing the best service to ensure the maximum value from your best customers.

While our routing and prioritization rules are very sophisticated we focus on making things easy to allow the Contact Center Manager to define their own rules for matching customers to agents without requiring help from IT or your vendor. This allows companies the flexibility to respond to changing conditions quickly and ensure that you are providing the best service cost effectively.

Tight Integration with NetSuite

8x8’s Virtual Contact Center integrates tightly with your NetSuite implementation. When a customer calls, their caller’s ID can be used as a key in the NetSuite database to look up customer and ticket information, and that information can be sent directly to the agent’s desktop. All of the agent’s tools for communicating with customers, supervisors and other agents are embedded directly in the NetSuite desktop. This maximizes the efficiency of your agents, saves you considerable costs and more importantly provides your agents with the sort of efficient experience that builds customer loyalty and increases the value of your relationships with your customers.

Manage Your Agents, Your System, and Your Customer Relationships

8x8 provides you the reporting and runtime administration capabilities to allow you to take full control of all of your customer interactions:

  • Realtime system management – get the insight you need to know that you are serving your customers in the best way possible at all times. Easy to read and understand displays show you how your agents are performing and what level of service your customers are experiencing. Define your SLAs, get up to the minute feedback on your performance against them and be alerted when you are having problems.
  • Historic Reporting: Fully customizable reporting that allows you to see exactly the information that is important to your business. Define what is important for your business and track how you are performing against the metrics that matter the most to you and your customers.
  • Agent Management: Call Recording and Quality Management tools as well as Workforce Management capabilities to ensure you are getting the best performance from all of your agents. Easy to use and integrated directly into your system.

Easy to Learn, Efficient to Use

At 8x8 we spend a lot of time thinking about how you use our services and how to make them as intuitive, and easy to learn as possible. We also work to make them efficient for your power users. This means your deployments can happen quickly with minimal of training. Novices turn into power users in no time and the system is designed to make sure power users are as efficient as possible.

All of this ensures that you are able to get up to speed and enjoy the benefits of your 8x8 system quickly and that you are maximizing the efficiency of all of your employees to ensure that you deliver the sort of service that builds customer loyalty, differentiates your brand from the competition, and maximizes revenue.

8x8, Inc. (NYSE:EGHT) is a leading provider of cloud phone, meeting, collaboration and contact center solutions with over a million business users worldwide. 8x8 helps enterprises engage at the speed of employee and customer expectations by putting the collective intelligence of the organization in the hands of every employee.

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Great SaaS call center solution if you use NetSuite

The 8x8 virtual contact center has all of the features we need to maximize our agent productivity, and integrates right into NetSuite. I can't emphasize how much the intuitive nature of the application has streamlined our on-boarding and training efforts, plus since it is 100% web our home-based agents have the same functionality as those in our center. This is a well-designed product, and it has been incredibly reliable for us. If you are using NetSuite and looking for a cloud contact center solution that integrates well, you should definitely talk to 8x8.

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