WAERlinx is an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) for NetSuite. Its extensive, straightforward functionality has been honed over many years and has the control, visibility and reporting you would expect from a next generation WMS. If you have a warehouse, and run your business with NetSuite, then you need WAERlinx.

WAERlinx is an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) for NetSuite. Its extensive, straightforward functionality has been honed over many years and has the control, visibility and reporting you would expect from a next generation WMS. If you have a warehouse, and run your business with NetSuite, then you need WAERlinx.

WAERlinx - Warehouse Management For NetSuite

WAERlinx is a Cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS). Its extensive, straightforward functionality has evolved from the exacting quality and integrity demands of the aviation industry.

Consequently, it has all the functionality, visibility and reporting you would expect to find in a next generation warehouse management solution, all seamlessly integrated into NetSuite.

Key Benefits

WAERlinx enables NetSuite to be extended with an exciting range of warehouse management tools and technologies:

Fast ROI – low installation costs and scalable licence fees.

Any warehouse structure can be modeled – from a small, simple storage entity, to large-scale, sophisticated multi-warehouse operation.

Flexibility is integral to the design – our team is adept at solving the business challenges others have failed to solve.

Order accuracy - achieve over 99% accuracy.

Outbound shipments - increase volumes and double your orders per-day.

Improve picking times and lines - triple the number of lines picked, and reduce picking times by 20%.

Speed – setting up a new remote warehouse or forward-stocking location could not be simpler – all you need is a scanner, printer and an internet connection.  

Configurable dashboards – a real-time view of all warehouse operations with KPI charts, reports and inquiries on all facets of the solution.

Data query tool to create bespoke KPI reports.

Mobile scanning functions – maximize operator mobility and efficiency. Your team has a system it can trust, using any Android device for scan-based transactions. 

Aligned teams – sales and operations teams can share a ‘one truth’ real-time view of all orders and deliveries.

A competent support and development team – face-to-face contact and a partner that you can work with collaboratively.

Tailored – features can be readily enabled or disabled as required, ensuring that the user’s experience is strictly relevant to the task at hand and uses the language of your business.

Customer Quote

Waer made big promises and have delivered on all of them; in fact they have gone beyond what was promised. A very thorough project was put together and delivered on time - we now have a great WMS solution that works seamlessly with NetSuite.
- Tim Wilkinson, WBC

What Is Different About Waer?

The key difference with Waer is the capability to flex the WAERlinx platform to address the specific, complex needs of customer supply chains and solve problems that other providers cannot.

In addition, Waer’s attention to customer focus means that all WAERlinx customers have exactly the solution that they need, aligned with their business processes and with the aim of radically improving the overall speed and efficiency of the supply chain.

Receiving & Putaway

Barcoding – All barcode and RFID tag formats accepted, allowing for rapid input and accurate transaction processing.

Supermarket Style Check-In – Item by item scanning at goods in – ideal for validation of high value items into the warehouse.

Advanced Shipping Notices – providing visibility of inbound deliveries and enabling simplified receiving procedures.

Quality and Inspection features allow these two company functions to align, in turn providing quality performance measurement.

Cross-Docking – facilitating rapid and automated movement directly from receiving to shipping.

Bulk Putaway – Full pallets to deep storage without the need to break them down.

Task Driven Putaway – Rapid process for putaway with the system directing teams to the most efficient tasks.

Automated putaway – these streamline your processes to fit with your business needs and maintain an accurate sequence of material storage inside the warehouse. Local operator knowledge is no longer essential, minimising the training overhead.

Walk sequences optimise all travel routes around your warehouse ensuring that your team makes the most efficient use of time.

Operator control functions – features on operator handheld devices provide you with maximum flexibility and utilise operator knowledge where appropriate. Operators feel more in control and work with greater efficiency and throughput.

Supervisor management – All supervisors gain real-time visibility of warehouse work activity. The feature distinguishes work waiting to be started from work-in-progress, allowing team leaders to prioritise appropriately, based on business need.

Outbound Processing - Picking

Flexible picking rules – you can choose to pick by customer, supplier destination, date, vehicle ID, product family and so on – warehouse picking is aligned with the precise needs of the business. This is determined and managed by warehouse supervisors or can be system-driven.

Task driven picking – maximizes picking flexibility while retaining control of operations. Task prioritization directs operators to urgent items first.

Flexible picking policies - e.g:

  • Multiple orders, one after the other
  • Multiple orders, pick by ‘wave.’
  • Pick waves can be shared between operators
  • Light assembly in the warehouse (Kitting)
  • Tracking of re-usable pick containers
  • Flexible scan validation at a number of steps in the process
Optimized walk sequence – operators are directed round the warehouse using the shortest possible distance needed to pick the required products.

Supervisor controls – Demand Prioritization and Work Task Prioritization combine to give supervisors complete control of the work schedule.

Outbound Processing – Shipping Management

Execution of dispatch - function to selectively dispatch individual orders, or multiple orders: by Order Due Date, Delivery Route or Customer.

Packing and shipping functions with optional printing of labels and documents; flexible options for all pick, pack & ship processes.

Interfaces to over 35 worldwide couriers – negates the manual effort of phone, email, and printing of labels and documents when arranging courier collections. Integration to 3rd party couriers via NetDespatch or MetaPak.

Integration is automated, based on settings associated with the customer:

  • Courier tracking reference is interfaced in dispatch information to NetSuite
  • Courier label printing
  • Auditable transactions confirm shipping events - useful for customer service, investigating any customer-reported delivery discrepancies.
Returns – reverse logistics come as standard.

Storage Management

Locations – you have total, real-time visibility of all warehouses, zones, racks and shelves, right down to the point of use, anywhere in the world. Having the supply chain represented on the system in precise detail eliminates chaos and allows managers to manage.

Stock count & perpetual inventory – these standard features mean that you always know what you have on your shelves and are fully auditable.

Product management by FIFO, expiry date, serial number, batch number, lot number or manufacturer’s serial number can all be applied, to control the product flow and pick order. This removes spreadsheet dependency and allows the locations to be managed based on established business rules.

Bulk storage – allows a dynamic pick face to be replenished from a nearby bulk storage area. This optimizes picking throughput and lowers the cost to serve.

Multiple vendor part numbers - essential where there are multiple suppliers of the same item.

NetSuite Interfaces

WAERlinx has over 30 specific bi-directional interfaces into the NetSuite platform.

Inbound – Interfaces on PO’s, Return Authorizations & Receipts.

Outbound – Sales Orders, Inter-company transfers, order updates, picked inventory, shipped orders, supplier returns and proof of delivery.

Master Data – Adds and updates for; part records, customers, ship-to destinations, suppliers and kit BOMs.

Warehouse Adjustments – Interfaces for changes that affect the total inventory quantity.

Waer Systems specialises in the design and implementation of WAERlinx and WAERlite - advanced warehouse management solutions for NetSuite.

The company was established in 2000, initially to meet the need for improved supply chain execution and warehouse management within the global aerospace industry.

Waer's strong technical capability and extensive experience within the inventory management field, coupled with its highly professional and customer-focused culture, has given it a competitive edge which has led to contract wins ranging from demanding global organisations such as GKN, DB Schenker and Barclays, right down to high-growth SMEs who are seeking market advantage through new technology.

Today, our innovative, elegant solutions deliver increased process efficiency, optimised stock management and real-time information flow to market leaders in a range of sectors.

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Most Helpful Reviews


At last a WMS solution for NetSuite !

We had aborted two previous attempts to implement WMS, the harsh reality being neither solution were going to work to our satisfaction with NetSuite. We met WAER in June 2013 and they scoped out a project to hook their WMS solution to NetSuite via web services. A very thorough project was put together and delivered on time - we now have a great WMS solution that works seamlessly with NetSuite.

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WMS - highly recommended

WAERlinx is ridiculously compatible with every process within our warehouse and distribution. The flexibility and support provided by WAERlinx has enabled us to focus on other areas within our Warehouse. This is a top tier product, easy to use and certainly a product to recommend. This WAERlinx solution works in correlation with NetSuite (ERP) and it has provided us with a seamless process from inbound, pick, pack and ship. It has provided us with an inventory management, which allows us to drill down to the minute and second of every transaction (barcode scanned) within the Warehouse.

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Extremely happy WaerLinx Warehouse Management app customer

We have been using WaerLinx Warehouse Management app for nine months and we are very happy with the app and the support/services provided by Waerlinx.

The integration was very straightforward and at all times we have a good working relationship with WaerLinx.

We have been able to deploy highly customised requirements and reporting and the day to day to running of WaerLinx Warehouse Management is easy to use for all our office and warehouse staff. As a result of integration we have improved warehouse and staff efficiencies and I would highly recommend the app.

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A Netsuite WMS that genuinely delivers

In 2016 our WMS integration with Wearlinx significantly improved the control, accuracy and performance of our warehouse and distribution operation.
The Waer team have an agile approach in understanding our business requirements and delivered improvements that have made a substantial difference to the efficiency of our work.
Fast forward to today and we have just come through a record breaking fourth quarter of processing that could not have been achieved without Waerlinx.
Managing the expectation of a client with such a multifaceted business is no easy task, in Waer systems we a have a partner who’s expert knowledge and support has been critical to our success.

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