Real time address validation for SuiteCommerce Advanced. Autocomplete and validate both billing and shipping addresses.

Real time address validation for SuiteCommerce Advanced. Autocomplete and validate both billing and shipping addresses.

Global Address Validation

It's critical to capture accurate addresses when customers are checking out, Addrexx assist customers with entering valid addresses for 200+ countries.  

Key Benefits

Native integration that works with all SuiteCommerce checkout, account and registration pages.

Reduce Abandoned Carts and Improve the Customer Experience

Addrexx improves the customers experience and increases conversions by speeding customers through the checkout process.   This is especially true for mobile devices.

Autocomplete and Validate Addresses

Simplify the checkout process by allowing customers to autocomplete names and addresses with 80% fewer keystrokes.

Validation at Apartment and Suite Level

Solve shipping issues and increase customer satisfaction by insuring properly formatted addresses including apartments and suites.

Addrexx uses the most accurate address information and insures accurate addresses even for challenging countries.

Restrict Shipment to PO Boxes

Many retailer do not ship to PO Boxes.  This solutions restrict the entry of PO Boxes for shipping addresses but allow PO Boxes to be entered for the billing address.

Prevent Entry of Foreign Characters

Foreign characters can cause issues with downstream ERP systems and label printers.  Addrexx warns customers that the retailer cannot accept orders with foreign characters.  

Addrexx can also limit the number of characters on any field of the address which can also cause issues.

Capture Accurate Tax Lookups and Avoid Address Correction Charges

Addrexx is compatible with Vertex, Avalara and CCH tax software.  Capturing valid addresses insures that accurate tax lookups are performed which can save retailers. 

Avoid FedEx and UPS address correction charges by allowing Addrexx to validate shipping addresses at time of entry.

Addrexx provides the highly accurate address validation for the SuiteCommerce and Netsuite ERP applications. Addrexx is a proven solution that quickly integrates with SuiteCommerce checkout and registrations pages and assists customers during the checkout process. The solution is capable of validating addresses down to the apartment level and includes a global data set providing coverage for 200+ countries. The solution is capable of auto-completing address information and reduces keystrokes by up to 80%. Addrexx helps your customers place orders faster than any other solution. This increases sales, reduces shipping problems and improves customer satisfaction ratings. When integrated with the Netsuite ERP application, Addrexx assist users when adding customer and vendor account information. Accurate entry of billing and shipping addresses ensure that correct tax is calculated and that orders are shipped to valid addresses.

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Addrexx has been a lifesaver for us. Great Product. Love it!

Primary Arms is one of the largest B2C E-Commerce sites on NetSuite SCA in terms of revenue and transactions. We use NetSuite for our back-end ERP, Accounting etc. as well as for website front-end.

For us, Addrexx has been a lifesaver. We were facing challenges capturing accurate billing and shipping addresses during the checkout process from customers. As a result, a large number of packages were coming back as “returned because of incorrect addresses” resulting in significant revenue loss and poor customer experience.

By utilizing the Addrexx solution, customers are provided valid address during the checkout process. The solution goes beyond simply auto-suggesting the address during the checkout process and includes advanced workflows that are constantly performing additional checks in the background to limit the entry of bad addresses. This has almost eliminated the revenue loss because of incorrect addresses and solved the problem of returned packages. We are saving thousands of dollars on address correction fees and resending packages. Also, it has helped in mobile checkout as customers have to make few keystrokes to fill out addresses. We understand Addrexx works with back-end ERP as well. We are known for excellent customer service and best prices. We have been able to improve customer experience further.

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