BMI Cloud Solutions QSmap for NetSuite is an interactive search tool where users identify a region of a map where they're looking for data. Results are displayed in an easy to use format. Data can be saved to CSV or Static Group for future marketing.

BMI Cloud Solutions QSmap for NetSuite is an interactive search tool where users identify a region of a map where they're looking for data. Results are displayed in an easy to use format. Data can be saved to CSV or Static Group for future marketing.

Searching made easy

Complex regional searches giving you a headache? QSmaps allows you to search for data within a map region using tools you already know. Have an appointment to see a client and want to know who's nearby? Use QSmap to draw a shape around the area your visiting and get results fast! Is marketing having trouble identifying who's nearby an event location? Use QSmap Search to create a sketch and build a marketing group in seconds!

QSmap is a simple, intuitive way NetSuite users can geographically locate Customers, Prospects and Leads with an easy-to-use Map interface. The comprehensive set of tools allows users to easily locate, view and export segments of their data. QSmap is the first solution that allows users to execute everyday search tasks using familiar tool sets, which saves time and ensures a quick user adoption.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use Map view provides for better planning
  • Adds geo location data to addresses
  • Interactive to help Sales Reps identify who's nearby
  • Allows users to create lists using an "exclude" feature to add confidence that you're not contacting people that were on previous campaign on call list
  • Remove barriers for searching customers and contacts

Key Features

  • Interactive Map to help identify customers, prospects, leads and contacts nearby
  • Easily segment data
  • Export Lists to CSV file or create a Group in NetSuite
  • Advanced Filters to only see data that is relevant to you
  • Compatible with OneWorld

Easily Segment Data

QSmap allows the user to easily segment data using a set of filters. The user is able to:

  • Define a geographical region by drawing a shape on the map to include or exclude that given area. The areas can be defined using a circle to highlight a radius, a square or a polygon.
  • Select which entity records to display on the map by selecting Customer, Prospect or Lead as well as the ability to multi-select
  • Filter by assigned Sales Rep
  • Segment by Product
In addition to being able to select criteria for segmentation, the user also has the ability to upload a NetSuite Saved Search to display the results geographically.

Exclude Feature for Better Targeting

Not only do the tools in QSmap allow you include the selected criteria, it also gives the user the ability to exclude data based on the criteria select. This allows for easy-to-use, better targeting. 

The user is able to build a complex set of criteria by overlapping on the map and utilizing the include and exclude options, without having to set complex parameters or filters.

Export Lists to CSV File or Create Group in NetSuite

The results that are generated from the query set by the user can be exported to a CSV file outside of NetSuite. 

In addition to generating a file with the data, the user has the option to create a Group in NetSuite, which can be saved and easily accessed.

Upload Saved Search to Map

Not only does QSmap allow the user to define a set of criteria using the tools on the SuiteApp, but it also allows the user to utilize an existing and new Saved Search. The Saved Search can be selected from a dropdown list on the QSmap SuiteApp in order to display the results of that saved search geographically.

Advanced Filters for Accurate Segmentation

It provides the user with confidence that they are targeting the right Contacts since there are a variety of filters that can be applied. A simple set of criteria can be used to target Customers, Prospect and Leads within a geographical area of a more complex set of criteria can be added to include or exclude Entities and Contacts within a defined geographical, based on Sales Rep or Product Category, and overlap previous queries with new queries.  

BMI Cloud Solutions is a leading supplier of front to back office solutions, including process definition, system integrations, customization, coding, and support, serving clients in many markets. Our goal is to understand your business and offer solutions that help move the needle in order to reach your business goals. Our experience includes E-Commerce, Retail, Manufacturing, Professional services, ERP, CRM as well as Marketing Automation.

We strive to make sense of your systems. Our understanding of how data is shared, created and stored led us to develop a sophisticated, yet simple, first of its kind platform for Marketing and Sales teams. CEDAR was purposely created as an integration platform and a Lead Record Management Module, CEDAR LRM. CEDAR is a significant step forward in data management when using multiple solutions.

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Easy, Fast & Fun

I use this product for 2 reps in different territories. I find it Prospects/Clients quickly and know what general area they are in. I think it is the fastest method to get to "unknown" clients and customers in a respective territory.

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Amazing Tool!

The QS Map tool is making my life a lot easier when it comes to pulling up clients, leads, and prospects by territory/zip code. Being able to link right to the account and see contact NetSuite record is great! I plan on using it more and more as time goes on!

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