BestSign provides a one-stop electronic contract signing and management service for enterprises through NetSuite, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

BestSign provides a one-stop electronic contract signing and management service for enterprises through NetSuite, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Bestsign is the front runner of China electronic contracting cloud platform

Bestsign provides professional services covering the entire life cycle of electronic contracts, such as "real-name certification", "online signing", "willingness verification", "contract storage", "evidence chain preservation", "litigation protection" and "insurance payment". .

Enterprises can use the computer, mobile phone, tablet and other multi-platform to complete the online electronic contract signing with the enterprise and individual users anytime and anywhere through API interface, webpage, APP and other means to ensure their security, compliance and non-tampering.

Key Benefits

Bestsign ranks first in the electronic contracting industry

Market research report from the authoritative research institute IResearch Consulting shows that Bestsign ranks first in the electronic contracting industry with 33.6% market share.

Bestsign has an excellent management team

The core team of the company comes from well-known companies such as Apple, Intuit, SAP, etc., and has rich experience and resources in enterprise services.

Bestsign has an excellent shareholder background

With endorsement of domestic and foreign first-line investment institutions, including PARTNERS CHINA, DCM, SHUNWEI, Chenxing Capital, Tiger Global Fund, and strategic investors WPS and Bitfury resources support, the amount of financing electronic contracting industry single largest, the largest total.

Bestsign participates in the development of electronic contract standards

Bestsign has been invited to participate in the China Mutual Gold Association "Internet Finance Individual Network Lending Electronic Contract Security Specification", China Institute of Information and Communications "Trusted Cloud Electronic Contract Trust Service Evaluation Standard", "Credible Blockchain Promotion Plan - Trusted Blockchain Evaluation Methodology.

Customer Quote

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- Fan Yawei

Bestsign offers an electronic contract lifecycle solution

Real-name certification: The platform is connected to the Ministry of Public Security, UnionPay, and the Industrial and Commercial Bureau system for identity authentication. The authoritative CA organization issues a certificate for you to help you obtain legally valid electronic signatures on the Internet.

Signing online: You can initiate, approve and sign contracts anytime, anywhere via your mobile phone, computer or tablet. Digital signature + time stamp technology ensures that the contract is legal and valid and cannot be tampered with.

Contract deposit: The contract documents are stored in the cloud platform, and the blockchain guarantee is provided by the uploading. You can retrieve, archive, view and download anytime, anywhere, and high-intensity encryption ensures data security and privacy.

Litigation support: Platform Joint Notary Office, Judicial Identification Center, Arbitration Commission, to provide you with signature.Full-time notary services, judicial appraisal, and online arbitration services will strongly protect your legitimate rights and interests.

Insurance claims: The platform docks multiple insurance institutions to insure you with high “electronic contract validity, insurance” and “data security insurance” to ensure your peace of mind.

Electronic signing increases work efficiency

The process of drafting, confirming, approving, signing, and sending electronic contracts is completed online, helping enterprises save a lot of time and improve efficiency.

Electronic signing reflects environmental value

All electronic contracts are electronic, saving a lot of paper, ink, electricity, packaging, transportation resources, and more in line with the current trend of energy conservation, low carbon and environmental protection.

Electronic signing reduces operating costs

The electronic contract does not need paper. After signing, it is encrypted by a third-party platform, which reduces the operating costs of paper printing, warehouse storage, express transportation, and manpower management.

Electronic signing to make up for wind control loopholes

The electronic sign-off process is interlocked to form a complete chain of evidence, effectively avoiding risks such as impersonation, private seals, and contract tampering.

Electronic signing for security management

The electronic contract is stored in the cloud through high-intensity encryption, effectively avoiding contract mismatch, loss, damage, leakage, etc. caused by natural or human factors.

Partner: Hangzhou Bestsign Network Technology Co. Ltd.
Product: BestSign for NetSuite
product description: 

On-board electronic signing cloud platform provides NetSuite corporate customers with "real-name certification", "online signing", "willingness to verify", "contract management", "evidence chain preservation", "litigation protection", "insurance payment" and other electronic coverage Professional SaaS services throughout the life of the contract. Enterprises can use computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices to complete real-time online electronic contract signing with enterprises and individual users at any time and any place through API interface, webpage, APP, etc., and ensure their security, compliance, and tampering.

At the same time, for customers in different industries such as finance, real estate, leasing, HR, etc., the company has provided a more suitable “industry retrofit package” to provide online contracting services for more SMEs in the vertical segment. In April 2018, Shangshang became the only platform in the industry to sign the system to independently develop and fully apply blockchain technology, and achieve a qualitative breakthrough in data security encryption and anti-tampering technologies. 

Safety qualifications:
  • ISO27001 international safety certification
  • ISO27018 cloud protection certificate
  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "trusted cloud" certification
  • Ministry of Public Security Information Security Level 3 and other insurance

Technical advantages:
High concurrency: Currently the only industry support for processing 4000 signatures per second.

High stability: financial cloud environment deployment, system availability 99.99%, with disaster recovery, multi-city disaster recovery mechanism, data up to 9 real-time backups, maintaining the longest uninterrupted time record in the industry over 1200 days.

High privacy: self-developed KMC key management system, secret key separation management; the industry's only encryption method of cloud data "one text and one secret", sensitive fields are separately encrypted to ensure user data security and privacy.

Blockchain application: The only one in the electronic contracting industry is the “trusted blockchain alliance” governing unit. The industry's first independent research and development and landing of a complete blockchain electronic contract depository solution will be the notary office, judicial appraisal center, arbitration. The commission and other authoritative institutions have incorporated the blockchain node ecology to ensure that the data of the customer's electronic contract evidence chain is true, private and cannot be tampered with. The maximum amount of storage for 300 million tickets can be supported in one day.

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