Blend ERP's HAZMAT Bill of Lading gives you the ability to produce HAZMAT Bill of Lading documents for any jurisdiction with a single click.

Blend ERP's HAZMAT Bill of Lading gives you the ability to produce HAZMAT Bill of Lading documents for any jurisdiction with a single click.

Eliminate HAZMAT Headaches

Blend ERP is a suite of tools that enable process manufacturers to be more efficient.  Our HAZMAT Bill of Lading tool automatically extends the native Item Fulfillment to generate a Bill of Lading every time products are shipped.  By capturing all of the required regulatory information about your products when they are created, your shipping and receiving staff can stay focused on fulfillment instead of worrying about compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Embeds HAZMAT information in your NetSuite instance
  • Eliminates compliance headaches
  • Easily setup and modify HAZMAT information directly in the NetSuite user interface
  • Reduce overhead by sharing HAZMAT data across items
  • Save time by producing multiple-jurisdiction Bill of Lading documents with the Packing Slip
  • Eliminate errors with automatic jurisdiction detection based on fulfillment location and ship to address

We Know Because We've Been There

The Blend ERP team has real-world understanding of the intricacies involved in HAZMAT management.  We worked for a chemical company that ran NetSuite for many years before starting Blend ERP.  Since then we have combined our manufacturing experience, NetSuite knowledge, and thousands of hours of development time to simplify the unique challenges around HAZMAT.  Nobody understands your business like we do.

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Complete Regulatory Paperwork in a Single Click

  • Save time with print-and-go functionality
  • One-time HAZMAT setup per item type
  • Share HAZMAT information between similar products
  • Generate a Bill of Lading on demand with any Packing Slip

Support For Unlimited Jurisdictions

  • Produce multiple-jurisdiction Bill of Lading documents with one click
  • Automatic jurisdiction detection
  • Compatible with any jurisdiction on the planet

Ship Your Way

  • Ship any order by land, sea, or both
  • Automatic template sourcing based on shipment method

Starling Solutions is a group of dedicated professionals with a passion for all things NetSuite. Founded by long-time users of the platform, we have worked with dozens of companies to implement NetSuite, develop customizations, perform integrations, and provide consulting services. Since over half of our staff were end-users of NetSuite for years before joining the team, we don't just talk about NetSuite - we've lived it! Based on our collective experience in manufacturing and distribution we have developed a suite of apps to address specific industry needs, including Formula Management, Batch Manufacturing, HAZMAT Bill of Lading Generation, SDS Management, and Quality Control/Reporting.

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