The CommuniGator SuiteApp helps your sales and marketing teams manage targeted sales lists, email campaigns and even website visits, all in one place.

The CommuniGator SuiteApp helps your sales and marketing teams manage targeted sales lists, email campaigns and even website visits, all in one place.


At CommuniGator, we provide a complete B2B marketing solution. How? With lead generation, email marketing and marketing automation. All within one platform, you can get rid of multiple marketing systems but still keep everything under control. Simplify your marketing by managing it all in one place. 

We do this by:

Generating and nurturing new business opportunities for you. Identifying and delivering leads with our 3 key tools, you can increase your revenue with less effort.

By telling you WHO is on your website. Discover the individuals from the companies on your website and get in contact with the key decision makers straight away.

Automatically nurturing your opportunities. Send the right content at the right time to the right prospects in our email marketing platform.

Integrating with NetSuite to bring your sales and marketing teams together with unrivaled ease of use. From managing your targeted sales lists, email campaigns and even website visits.

Being one of the best UK B2B marketers, our software works with the latest B2B best practices to make sure you can get the absolute most out of your marketing data.

Key Benefits

Create any number of static or dynamic lists for your campaigns, based on targeted data criteria.

Merge dynamic data into your email campaigns.

Use the sync list screen to create your lists, yet manage your campaigns in CommuniGator. There's no need to wait for your lists to upload anymore!

Almost real-time list syncing.

Have all the history of email campaign movements passed on to NetSuite.

Plus, get your contacts' movements on your website available in NetSuite too!


With the CommuniGator for NetSuite CRM integration, you no longer have to create campaigns in NetSuite and wait for them to upload into your marketing software. That is all managed within CommuniGator. All you need to do in NetSuite is create the dynamic and static lists you want to use for your campaigns. It's time to make your marketing more targeted. CommuniGator's key features include:  

  • Granular segmentation with dynamic content
  • Sync list screen to update lists in real-time
  • Email campaign


Gone are the days where you have to attach a marketing list to a campaign with a campaign activity. Now you can create your list based on your filtering and clever criteria, be it website visitors from the past month, your companies top target data demographics, those who all use a particular solutions/systems...etc. This data can be pulled with CommuniGator's dynamic content into any campaign, tailoring your email marketing communications in the most advanced way possible.


Thanks to our Sync List Screen, you no longer have to wait for your list to upload into your marketing software with every campaign. All you need to do in NetSuite is create the dynamic and static lists you want to use for your campaigns. These lists will all appear in your Sync List Screen and can be set to sync as often as you like – be in every 5 minutes, every day, week, month or year. This gives you almost real-time list syncing.


With CommuniGator, you'll get all the history of your email campaigns reported back into NetSuite. You'll be able to see any campaign report you wish, from the name to its opens and clicks, engagement and more. You'll also be able to drill down into an account and see what individuals' movements were within any campaign they interacted with. This gives you the most granular insight into your email campaigns that has ever been possible.


Within each account, you'll also be able to see their website activity and history. From what they looked at on your website, when they last visited and their "lead score". This lead generation information will feed into your NetSuite via a permalink, allowing you to see a full view of their website history. This is ideal for those marketers who want to marry up all the data and information you have on an account.


With your website data and email campaigns both reporting back into NetSuite, you can manage all your marketing data in one place. From assigning leads to the sales team to feeding them through an automated nurture campaign. Our CRM integration is the easiest way to align your sales and marketing teams, and improve your marketing efficiency.

CommuniGator is a complete marketing automation software solution for your business that also provides email marketing and lead generation, all in one place.

We have become one of the leading marketing automation software providers and we treat email marketing and lead generation with the attention it deserves. The features & functions of our marketing automation software have been developed to make the marketer’s life both easier and more effective.

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