A cloud-based single source Inventory System of Record™ for enterprise supply chain solutions

A cloud-based single source Inventory System of Record™ for enterprise supply chain solutions

DSI Inventory Management for NetSuite

Successfully navigate constant cost pressure and increasing customer and trading partner expectations by taking full control of inventory across all facilities and remote locations. DSI’s Inventory Management, Built For NetSuite verified SuiteApp eliminates manual, paper-based processes to enable immediate access to inventory information, giving you real-time access, insight and analytics that improve inventory accuracy, reduce inventory levels, and increase inventory turns.

DSI Inventory Management App enables your business to access, collect, analyze and present inventory information in an actionable format while using the right device for the task at hand. As a result, you can provide customers and trading partners with inventory information to minimize carrying costs and improve customer service while providing inventory information to other business functions such as delivery and route sales and field service.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time access and insight into inventory, including consignment and vendor-managed.
  • Enables compliance with Food Safety, Farm to Table requirements.
  • Enables Drug Supply Chain compliance with serialization, license plate management.
  • Automated, multi-printer bar code label printing.
  • Increased inventory visibility to supply chain trading partners with automated ASN (UCC 128) shipping labels and branded packing slips.
  • M2M & IoT capabilities.  
  • Warehouse Management (WMS)

Inventory Analytics: Get Real-Time Insight

With DSI Analytics embedded in the DSI Inventory Management Solution, your management team has access to real-time insights such as inventory value, inventory turns, stock out rates, productivity levels and available quantity on hand, enabling you to make quick decisions, improve inventory accuracy and reduce inventory levels while still meeting customer commitments.

Inventory Management Automation

Automate inventory processes, resulting in improved productivity, lower costs, increased inventory accuracy and better customer service.

Real-time Inventory Information

Access inventory information including in remote, satellite and in-transit locations. Gain a comprehensive view of inventory (as well as consignment and vendor-managed inventory) across multiple and disparate ERP and SCM systems.


Adapt quickly to changing business situations through pre-integrated solutions at the ERP and device level, and through simple, easy-to-use user interfaces.

Real Time Inventory Availability

Improve customer service by providing real-time inventory availability at the time the order is placed.

License Plating and Serialization

End-to-end license plating (LPN)
and serialization

DSI's Digital Supply Chain Platform (DSCP), a Built For NetSuite verified SuiteApp, provides mobile and cloud-first supply chain solutions for the digital economy.

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