DocuPeak is an enterprise-class document management and accounts payable automation solution, bringing OCR and content extraction, metadata linking, and volume document processing to NetSuite. Feeling overwhelmed with manually managed file folders, cabinets or boxes? Evolve up to DocuPeak document management.

DocuPeak is an enterprise-class document management and accounts payable automation solution, bringing OCR and content extraction, metadata linking, and volume document processing to NetSuite. Feeling overwhelmed with manually managed file folders, cabinets or boxes? Evolve up to DocuPeak document management.

Enterprise-Grade Document Management for NetSuite

Webiplex, makers of DocuPeak™, have been a NetSuite partner since 2010 providing fully integrated document automation solutions bringing front end data capture technology into NetSuite accounting processes.  We pride ourselves on providing not just the technically best solution, but the best customer service and complete end user experience.  

DocuPeak document management is “Built for NetSuite” verified, and has many happy NetSuite customers who are always happy to be a reference. Whether leveraging our pre-built "apps" for Accounts Payable document (i.e. AP vendor bills) processing and automation, expense and reimbursement data capture, or customized apps for AR and fulfillment processes, contract management, or even an entirely unique document-centric process, DocuPeak is the tried and true solution for enterprise-grade document management and information capture for NetSuite.

Key Benefits

We recognize that you have several choices when considering a document management solution to augment your NetSuite business processes. The points below differentiate the DocuPeak solution, and demonstrate our years of working with the NetSuite product, and what the highest levels of integration can really do to make your overall business process as efficient as possible: 

  • Single-Sign-On Access: DocuPeak supports NetSuite SSO so you don’t have to login twice.
  • Real-time 2-way Data Sharing:  Lookup lists are accessed, and transactions inserted or updated, in real-time without requiring problematic manual “synchronization”.
  • Deep User Interface Integration: DocuPeak document dashboards are bolted right the NetSuite center tab, and in transaction or entity sub-tabs.
  • Deep Data Integration: DocuPeak’s NetSuite integration is Web services-based and thus does not require cumbersome NetSuite server scripts that can slow down NetSuite server performance.
  • More Customizable: Built-in support for customizations such as custom fields, lists, and forms, allowing DocuPeak to be just as unique as your NetSuite solution.
  • Handle Higher Volumes: DocuPeak customers process tens of thousands of documents per month with multiple distributed scan stations and processors.
  • More Expandable: DocuPeak is an enterprise-grade document management platform, which means you can move beyond standard AP/AR processes into entirely custom solutions.

Customer Quote

I have spent the last 15 years implementing different systems, in multiple companies and cross industries. My experience with Webiplex is unlike anything I have experienced with anyone else. Your philosophy, attention detail and response times are magnificent. We are working in the new Work Order app and I am blown away. I think I am most impressed by how fast it was implemented, and how a simple change like that, can have a large impact on process flow and control.
- Chad Collins, President, Sun Devil Plumbing and Router (NetSuite/Webiplex customer since 2010)

How it works

Paper documents (such as Vendor Bills or Expense Receipts) are scanned and indexed through DocuPeak's unique Web scan capability and digitally born documents can be captured and indexed through a variety of methods. Once documents are brought into the system, DocuPeak provides the ability to:

  • Centralize document archive and file retention management on a powerful, secure web-based platform.
  • Leverage zonal OCR for key data and barcode recognition, automating document indexing.
  • Automatically route documents such as AP invoices through a predefined role based review and approval process, including notifications and escalation procedures.
  • Integrate all documents to the associated transaction within NetSuite for synchronization of key document data, as well as built-in lookup and viewing.
  • Maintain an audit trail of all document based activity, including check-in, check-out and version control on changed documents.
  • Keep all departments and project teams (internal and external) in sync by making documents instantly available and easily accessible from within NetSuite.

DocuPeak Scan Bench

Easy to configure and easy to use Web based front end capture tool for distributed scanning or centralized high volume capture of paper documents. Once scanned and indexed the document moves into DocuPeak for archive management and can be automatically submitted to start a pre-defined workflow process. Multiple auto indexing capabilities eliminate the need for manual indexing of documents.

  • Bar code recognition - bar code cover sheet generator provided
  • Zone OCR - easy to configure tool gives you the ability to pre-configure multiple zones on each document for intelligent data capture.
  • Database lookups – interface with any ODBC compliant database for data extraction and/or data validation
Scan Bench works with any Twain compatible scanner. Unique background send capability allows for scanning at normal scanner speeds. No slow downs as a result of file transmission.

Routing, Review and Approvals workflow

DocuPeak Workflow offers the flexibility to define a simple sequential or a complex multi step rule based flow of e-forms and/or documents to initiate and complete a task. Intuitive GUI designer used to setup and maintain simple or complex workflows. Define how a task begins and flows through the process based on your business logic.

  • Define how a workflow is triggered
    • Periodically or on a timer
    • Based on an event – e.g. new document or form submission, field change, etc.
    • A user can start the workflow via a button in the user interface
  •  Determine how the process flows
    • Workflows can “move” documents along a set of folders - and/or update status or state fields
    • Users have security based access to folders and have visibility to their authorized tasks only
    • Reminders and notifications can be sent through e-mail and work can be escalated to the next level or a different role based user
    • An external database can be updated upon completion of a task


DocuPeak Audit Trail

DocuPeak Audit Trail enables you to monitor user activity, review productivity, assess the effectiveness of internal control mechanisms, and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Access to this information is critical for compliance purposes: organizations need to know how content is managed and preserved, to monitor the legal implications of its use.

  • Precise 24/7 tracking of document usage
  • Detailed monitoring of staff productivity
  • Integral workflow component
  • Records in real time (the audit log is updated as you perform the action)
  • Instant display of itemized audit log
  • Enables required reporting and queries

Types of auditable events range from login and logout, view, print, to unsuccessful attempts to perform actions, to workflow step tracking. Once audit data has been collected, authorized Audit Trail users can create summaries of all actions taken on a particular document or record. Reports can be sorted, filtered and graphed to identify trends and behavior patterns, further helping to manage and expedite audits.

Webiplex™ is the provider of DocuPeak™, the premier cloud document management and accounts payable automation solutions designed for rapid business process automation.  Founded in 2008 with the vision that all document intensive business process automation will eventually be done in the cloud, Webiplex has executed on that vision with DocuPeak.  Customers within and outside of the NetSuite ecosystem range from large plumbing companies, educational institutions, airlines, manufacturing, distribution and also public sector entities such as counties, cities and local government.  While we know there are other "capture-only" options, we believe the breadth and depth of our NetSuite integration sets us clearly apart and will afford our customers options for automation far beyond a simple OCR product.  With Webiplex DocuPeak you will get the full solution such as embedded document workflow and compliance-level repository auditing.  Give us a call and find out what other NetSuite users have automated.

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Perfect Solution

We currently use DocuPeak to streamline our AP process. We had previously set this up with Perceptive Software for one of our subsidiaries. We had many issues and prior to expanding to all of our subsidiaries we met the folks at Webiplex. They delivered a much better solution at a fraction of the cost. Not only are we saving money but because the solution is so tightly integrated with NetSuite we are much more efficient. We would highly recommend their product to anybody.

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Great product - exceptional team!

DocuPeak greatly simplifies the process of entering bills, reconciling vs purchase orders and attaching files. We talked to the folks over at Webiplex about creating specialized workflows to fulfill dropship orders at the time of Invoicing, and they were able to implement a solution which greatly reduced the amount of time spent processing orders. Webiplex understands our business needs and has always provided a high level of customer service. We have been using DocuPeak for over a year now and don't think of processing AP any other way.

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Best document management solution for Netsuite

About a year ago, I was searching for an electronic document solution that worked with NetSuite. DocuPeak was exactly the solution that I was looking for! A solution that can tag the image of the invoice to every NetSuite A/P record efficiently. It's very easy to use and my A/P team is thrilled that they don't have to file anymore!

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Docupeak/Netsuite Integration Project

Webiplex is a great company to work with. Sarah bent over backwards for our company on numerous occasions and was always available and happy to go the extra mile.

The Docupeak product is the only fit we could find for our complicated workflow and business needs.

The integration with NetSuite works very smoothly.

I really enjoyed our project and this product.

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AP NetSuite Automation + Digital Document Storage

Having made a strategic company decision to select and implement an AP billing automation solution (integrated to our NetSuite ERP system), coupled with a digital document storage and retrieval solution, we created an RFP and selected a number of vendors to review.

Having completed a comprehensive selection process, we chose Webiplex / DocuPeak to be the system to move forward with.

This turned out to be 100% the right choice!!! Working closely with the Webiplex team, we completed our project on time, on budget and it has so far delivered all the business benefits and efficiencies we had targeted.

We are extremely happy with the solution and we are also extremely happy with the service and support we receive from Webiplex on an ongoing bases.

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Our AP department saw an immediate 30% decrease in the time required to process incoming invoices

Our accounts payable department saw an immediate 30% decrease in the time required to process incoming invoices and shipment notifications. With continued refinement to our business processes, we are confident that this technology will allow us to remove virtually ALL data entry in the AP chain and transition to a model of review and exception management only.

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Everything's now in NetSuite and you don't have to click through multiple solutions

We were using an email-based invoice process before just by sending emails and scanning paper invoices, but it was getting tedious. Everything's now in NetSuite and you don't have to click through multiple solutions. Worked with Sarah and things never broke. It's pretty simple. You scan it and it’s there. Never had problems viewing the invoices.

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