Dynamic Formula for NetSuite giving you real-time "What if" capability and live cost data based on the specific lots used in the BoM.

Dynamic Formula for NetSuite giving you real-time "What if" capability and live cost data based on the specific lots used in the BoM.

Industrial Blend Management for Netsuite

ERP Systems manage specific elements of the product life-cycle, often meaning that Formulation Management has been handed off to a separate specialist application, or even calculated manually.

Dynamic Formula for NetSuite is the game-changing SuiteApp that rewrites the rules! 

With Dynamic Formula for NetSuite, your formulation management is fully embedded into your NetSuite ERP System, aligning it with your other business processes (Demand Planning, Finance, Procurement, Supply Chain etc) ensuring your business gains the competitive advantages available from a complete single version of the truth.

Imagine being able to amend the Formulation for a Work Order in real-time, and then be able to see the impact on Production Capacity / Planning, Finished Cost and Product Tolerance Analysis - all in multiple Currencies, Locations and Subsidiaries. Dynamic Formula for NetSuite has attained this level of control!

Furthermore, using Dynamic Formula for NetSuite in Simulation Mode, you can adjust and analyse your formulation on the fly and - when ready - save your final formulation and commit it to a NetSuite Work Order - in real-time.

Key Benefits

Works The Way You Want It To Work!

  • Native NetSuite SuiteApp - no need to learn yet another User Interface
  • Total control of production costs by using actual lot costings derived from the source transactions
  • Real-time analysis of product specifications
  • Amend work orders on the fly to achieve maximum output (Yield/Profit)
  • Unparalleled reporting directly within NetSuite as all data is in one place
  • Flexibility to customise the SuiteApp to analyse Products to your own requirements

Customer Quote

"The benefits the Advanced Dynamic Formula Management app brought us are so multi-faceted I couldn't even pin-point the most influential. The impact it has had internally even on just the uptake of NetSuite has been mind blowing - everyone is dying to use it to formulate new products - It's just made R&D so much easier!"
- Paul Sutton, Group IT Manager, Welding Alloys

Do You Need Dynamic Formula?

  • Do you need to amend your work order components / quantities based on the quality of the components you are using for that build?
  • Do you regularly change the composition of your Bill of Materials based on QC feedback?
  • Do you require an analysis of your finished products to ensure they are within specification tolerances before you release the Work Order?
  • Do you need to amend the work order component lot and/or quantities to ensure they meet budgetary requirements?
  • Are there validation criteria set out to ensure the finished item will be within tolerance?
  • Do you want to integrate your mass spectrometer directly to NetSuite to store your lot properties?
  • Do you want to share your analysis results with other external systems through an export file?

If your manufacturing processes make these kinds of demands, then Dynamic Formula for NetSuite could be the enhancement you’ve dreamed of.

Dynamic Formula and Work Orders

No need to log in to yet another system - amend your Work Order Formula directly in your NetSuite ERP system

  • Adjust the component Lot Quality to understand the impact on Production Cost
  • Adjust the Build Quantity to suit the Available Components in your Warehouses
  • Create/Edit Dynamic Formula directly from the Work Order saving time and eliminating transfer errors

Dynamic Formula for Production Planning

Dynamic Formula improves Quality and eradicates Errors in Production:

  • Automatically re-calculate the required quantity by simply adjusting the required component percentage
  • Displays the current available stock for the selected components in your location
  • Automatically selects the lot of the component in the currently in use for the selected location

Dynamic Formula for Research & Development

Design new Products quickly and easily to your target specification using Simulation Modes!

  • Calculate the Min/Max/Theoretical/Target so you Instantly see if your formula is within specification
  • Tolerance per percentage handling allows variable tolerances depending on the component percentage
  • Save Dynamic Formula Simulations as a "work in progress" and finish them later, from any computer!
  • Save Dynamic Formula Final and check them before committing to a Work Order
  • Open your (or someone else's) Formula and edit / save
  • Protect your Formulas so others cannot edit

Dynamic Formula in Finance

Powered by NetSuite Financials, Dynamic Formula empowers Finance to make smarter decisions in real-time:

  • Supports One-World
  • Supports Multiple Currencies
  • Supports Multiple Locations
  • Ensures the Component Cost is accurate by using the value from item receipt specified on the selected component lot
  • Displays component material cost, per component unit of measure

Dynamic Formula for Operational Management

Makes managing many Formulae a breeze with the following amazing features:

  • Expiry Date Tracking
  • Support for Multiple Locations
  • Active Lot Tracking
  • Total Quantity in Location
  • Lot Quantity Required (to meet the build quantity)
  • Lot Information
  • Lot Properties (chemical and mechanical properties of the lot at a glance)
  • Lot Cost
  • Lot Receipt Date (Date inventory impacted asset account)
  • Lot Vendor

We are ERP Experts specialising in Manufacturing with decades of experience in NetSuite. We have developed a world class Formulation Management Tool for NetSuite, making NetSuite the ideal choice for Manufacturing Businesses world wide!

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