Electronic Payments (EFT) enables payment of vendors and employee expenses electronically.

Electronic Payments (EFT) enables payment of vendors and employee expenses electronically.


Nolan’s NetSuite Electronic Payments creates a direct connection between your NetSuite System and your bank. The bank will send out your ACH’s, wires and print your checks.

Nolan’s NetSuite Electronic Payment is a fully configurable NetSuite bundle that permits electronic payment of vendor invoices and/or employee expenses. Built with flexibility in mind, Nolan’s Electronic Payment solution can handle complex bank file formats providing support for most electronic payment methods such as domestic and international ACH and wires, check printing and credit card services.

Key Benefits

  • Pay Vendor Invoices and Employee Expenses
  • EFT is fully integrated with NetSuite
  • Payments go out through your bank providing you with security and batch visibility
  • No transaction fees
  • Send remittance notices automatically by email
  • Supports check printing by bank, EFT, credit card services and wires
  • Payments Approval Workflow feature gives superior payment approval control
  • Remit one vendor to multiple payment locations to profit from volume vendor discounts


  • Supports local and International banks
  • Works with multi-currency
  • Supports wires, checks, credit card services and ACH.

Fully Integrated with NetSuite

Takes advantage of all the native NetSuite capabilities.
Perform all your accounts payable tasks within NetSuite

Reduce Admin Costs

With its fast, convenient and easy to use interface, customers using Nolan’s NetSuite Electronic Payment have been able to bring the time and effort associated with payment of vendors and employees down from hours to minutes. Reduction in administrative costs associated with paying vendors by checks is also a benefit of using this module.

Bill Payment Approval Workflow

Nolan’s Bill Payment Approval Workflow extends the standard functionality of the Electronic Payment module by allowing the routing of vendor and employee payments through a multi-tiered approval process. Multiple approval levels can be defined based on amount limits and authorized users. This additional feature adds another level of scrutiny often required for proper control of cash disbursements.

Profit from volume vendor discounts

Nolan’s Electronic Payments supports vendor purchase power as you can remit one vendor to multiple payment location. Clients gain vendor discounts through this multiple remit to feature.

Eliminates the need for printing and mailing checks

Check printing and signing costs around $12 per check in house. Have the bank print your checks and reduce those costs.
The bank also now maintains the positive pay file for you.

Nolan Business Solutions has been developing accounting and business applications for over twenty years. We pride ourselves in the quality of both our products and accompanying services. Our commitment to excellence resulted in NetSuite acquiring the Nolan Fixed Asset module and incorporating it into the NetSuite core offering. With offices in the US and the UK, we are able to provide both sales and support services to our customers worldwide. We continually strive to improve our product offering and to build solid relationships with our customers.

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Nolan Electronic Payments (EFT) for NetSuite

The electronic payments solution works very well for us. It is very easy to use and fits right into our fast paced environment. The implementation process was also very painless. Overall a great product for company of all sizes.

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