Simple Out of the Box integration with your NetSuite system extending the power of NetSuite to your field service operations. Maintain seamless real-time workflows between NetSuite and Fieldpoint. All NetSuite listing integration for customers, vendors, and items. Transactional NetSuite integration to sales, invoicing, purchasing, payments, and inventory control.

Simple Out of the Box integration with your NetSuite system extending the power of NetSuite to your field service operations. Maintain seamless real-time workflows between NetSuite and Fieldpoint. All NetSuite listing integration for customers, vendors, and items. Transactional NetSuite integration to sales, invoicing, purchasing, payments, and inventory control.

Fieldpoint NetSuite Integration

Fieldpoint is an end-to-end field service management software that comes with an out-of-the-box integration with NetSuite that streamlines the link between your field service management and accounting software. Extend the power of NetSuite to the field, get complete visibility into your field operations and reduce paperwork! Whether completing work orders, long-term maintenance contracts or installation projects, Fieldpoint’s integration will keep NetSuite up to date with automated sales order purchasing creation, and inventory control updates to reflect work completed in the field.


Key Benefits

Field service operations come in all shapes and sizes and require their own unique solution to fulfill their service delivery needs. With it also comes the need to seamlessly handle billing, inventory, and purchasing through their accounting software at an accelerated rate to meet the high demands of customers. It’s the largest challenge of any field service organization to find the balance between the two systems, in what is a complex relationship of two very important systems to the organization. But it also needs to be simple, and take complex operations and make them more efficient, faster and easier.

Fieldpoint's integration with NetSuite is elegantly designed to handle the complexity of delivering top of the line service, while automating much of the process with as many simple solutions as possible. With the integration, you’ll save time on data entry of your customers, employees, vendors and inventory. And you’ll get a pair of systems that communicate with each other when looking to complete invoicing, purchasing, and creating payables for subcontractors.

Complex Customer Invoicing

The power behind the NetSuite and Fieldpoint integration is the ability for the sales order in NetSuite to work alongside the work order in Fieldpoint. Items placed on the sales order in NetSuite can be turned into work orders, while items used in Fieldpoint on the work order are placed as line items on the NetSuite sales order.

With billing being a complex procedure that demands accuracy, that accuracy can be lost when computing invoices as errors can occur when reading a work order, calculations can be wrong or items missed, creating an incomplete invoice for the customer.

When integrating two systems, you want to avoid part number errors, inaccurate descriptions, and wrong costs and tax calculations. With Fieldpoint’s integration, we have eliminated those possible errors by posting all your parts and labor directly to the NetSuite sales order. Those items are confirmed using NetSuite’s data to ensure perfect customer invoices.

The integration automates the invoicing process, and depending on the amount of review your service department and accountants require for outgoing invoices, it is possible to have invoices sent to the customer instantly as soon as the technician in the field collects an electronic signature and closes the work order.

While that level of speed may not be a fit for everyone, it’s one of the many workable solutions field service organizations will have with the NetSuite and Fieldpoint integration. It takes the complex nature of invoicing and makes it easier for both the service department and accounting department, allowing both to live in their own system that specifically designed to handle either the field service or accounting aspects of the organization.

True Benefits of the Integration

Where the NetSuite integration comes into play is through the adjoining created sales order in NetSuite that automatically updates line items initiated from the Fieldpoint work order, such as the time and labor costs the technician entered to complete the work order. Should a technician in the field consume a part on a work order, that part is added to the NetSuite sales order to be charged to the customer. If a part is not available, a requisition is created in Fieldpoint to acquire the needed part to complete a job, while an adjoining purchase order is created in NetSuite to order that part, which is then applied to the sales order for billing.

Mobile Field Service App

Utilizing the field service mobile app, technicians can directly access work order information from the field, with online and offline capabilities to ensure that they have access to the work order regardless of an internet connection. The techs can use guided checklists, record labor, expenses and parts used. That information is then updated through dispatch on the Fieldpoint work order. Through the integration, the updated expenses go from the work order to NetSuite to become line items. From the field to Fieldpoint to NetSuite, the integration allows field technicians to have a direct effect on NetSuite sales and purchase orders all while staying in their own Fieldpoint mobile field service app without having direct access to accounting software. Fieldpoint extends the power of NetSuite to field technicians using iOS, Android or Windows smartphones and tablets. The dynamic mobile app allows customized workflows that enhance the ease and accuracy of data capture that makes reporting in NetSuite easier, more introspective and consistent. 

Projects to Sales Orders

For complex jobs that extend over weeks or months, such as installations, Fieldpoint's project module offers a robust system to manage to quote labor and materials, planning and allocating resources and purchasing all necessary items. Manage job costing with Fieldpoint’s budget and task management functions, and offer flexible billing options, such as progress billing where you can bill a customer based on phases of the project, or on a weekly, monthly or yearly schedule, all within Fieldpoint’s project billing function. All these projection management components ensure your customer projects are completed on time and come in on budget. Through NetSuite, sales orders are created based on billing schedules assigned in Fieldpoint, while parts that are requisitioned in Fieldpoint are consumed from NetSuite’s inventory, or produce purchase orders to get the parts to the job site. These create line items on the sales order, effectively all managed by Fieldpoint’s project module.

Fieldpoint’s Field Service Management Software helps your enterprise improve productivity therefore increasing your revenue and boosting customer satisfaction. The field service application enables organizations to automate, manage, monitor and streamline their field service operations. This is supported by a native field service mobile app that allows field technicians and service managers to access data online and offline. Fieldpoint has an out of the box integration with NetSuite.

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