FoodQloud - Product Specifications

FoodQloud - Product Specifications

Comply with labelling requirements in the food industry

Do you want to stay completely compliant to labelling requirements from customers and governments? Are specifications changing from time to time when different vendors are being used for the same product? FoodQloud Product Specifications helps you tackle these challenges fast and efficient.

Key Benefits

1. Complete product specification calculation. 
2. Product specification report, which includes customer specific settings. Import of set-up data, so you can speed up the implementation. 
3. Ingredient grouping, adds up ingredients based on their label declaration group (e.g. colorant) 
4. Different units for nutritional information available (per g/ml) 
5. Manage all ingredient data in one integrated system: 

- No more duplicate entries 
- Copy function, so you can easily use data from existing specifications. 
- Packaging Tax functionality allows the user to calculate sold amounts of primary and secondary packaging material per country.

Manage product specifications and ingredient declarations

Built for NetSuite app FoodQloud Product Specifications helps you to manage product specifications and ingredient declarations. By linking directly to the Item Numbers and the Production Bill of Material (BOM), you are guaranteed that there is only one version of the truth. Just define your BOM-structure, enter your raw materials and specifications and FoodQloud Product Specifications will take care of the rest. This app will save you valuable time with regards to maintenance.

Quick, easy and flexible set-up of:

1. Ingredients and additives 
2. Vitamins and minerals Nutritional values 
3. Microbiological values Dietary information 
4. Organoleptic characteristics 
5. Shape information 
6. Logistics data 
7. Tracking data 
8. Allergens 
9. And so much more

Easy to use Packaging Tax Features

1. Set up of country specific tax rates per material 
2. Calculation of packaging materials sold in kg per country 
3. Report showing tax to be paid per country, per material, per item, in total 
4. Excludes trade items sold in same country as vendor country

One integrated system

Managing product specifications and ingredient declarations can be quite cumbersome. Many companies in the food industry still use stand-alone Excel or Access based systems to manage ingredients and allergens (and to what extend they are present in the finished product). Using separate systems results in manual entries,  duplicate data sources and thus increased chances on errors. With regards to food safety this is not a risk you can take.

We know the food industry

Functionality in FoodQloud Product Specifications is fueled by our respected food industry customers and experienced staff. FoodQloud consultants and developers speak your language, have considerable experience, know the food trends and developments and have a large network at their disposal.

Food companies are continuously innovating to comply with the ever-changing wishes and requirements of consumers, supply chain partners and government. This demands the use of appropriate technology that fully supports this innovation and can readily be adapted to changing circumstances. FoodQloud helps rapidly-growing food producers and merchants to take the next step. Ambitious entrepreneurs who challenge both themselves and the standard. Companies that work lean and clean and expect the same from their software.

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