Extend NetSuite with a comprehensive, affordable and easy-to-use portal which manages leave, timesheets, expenses, employee and payroll details with less clicks, less paper and less hassle.

Extend NetSuite with a comprehensive, affordable and easy-to-use portal which manages leave, timesheets, expenses, employee and payroll details with less clicks, less paper and less hassle.

Empower your people, reduce administration, increase security and improve visibility

Often employees aren’t in control of what’s theirs, leading to delays, frustrations, duplicate processes and administrative burdens for employees and managers alike. 

MyPay provides a simple portal, which aligns with your existing NetSuite configuration and rules, empowering your employees to view and manage their own information and submit critical data, from any device, including: leave requests; timesheets; expenses; and payroll information with no delay, duplicate entry or paper-based processes. Your people are happier and their data is more secure. 

All data is live between NetSuite and MyPay, ensuring that NetSuite remains at the core of your business reporting, whilst you put your people at the heart of your strategy.

Key Benefits

Advanced Timesheets and Interpretation

  • Options to capture and interpret time to suit your business processes
  • Project tasks and classifications fed automatically from NetSuite
  • Time pushed into NetSuite approval processes as “total hours worked” 

Manage Holidays, Sickness & Accruals
  • Configurable request and approval processes
  • Actual and forecasted accruals based on work patterns
  • Individual, team and business-wide calendars for easy approval

Streamlined Expense Management
  • OCR Technology captures essential data from receipts, improving accuracy and reducing manual entry
  • Expense categories, GL postings and approvals all driven by NetSuite
  • All claims and receipts instantly visible in NetSuite Expense Report

Improved Employee Data, Payroll Information & Engagement
  • Allow employees to view and manage their own personal data
  • Update bank details, addresses and emergency contacts securely
  • View and download payslips* (requires Infinet Cloud Payroll AU,NZ & UK) 

Easy-to-use, Automated Setup, Cost Effective
  • Simple and secure interface which can be managed from any device
  • Wizard driven installation and configuration
  • Low cost per user, per month and 30 Day Free Trial Available. 

Cost Effective, Scalable and Able to Integrate with Other Solutions

Our scalable architecture and infrastructure provides the power and room to grow. So, whether you’re starting out small or have an enterprise of employees, MyPay will work for you. Plus, because of our seamless integration with NetSuite, initial setup and integration can be achieved within minutes. 

If you're using Infinet Cloud Payroll, existing configurations are automatically applied resulting in significantly reduced costs and go-live times. 

MyPay can also integrate with other solutions off-the-shelf including Okta. 

Manage Leave Requests, Approvals, Accruals and Balances

Whether you offer employees a fixed leave allowance, a variable entitlement based on working patterns, or both, MyPay provides you with an easy-to-configure platform to suit your requirements. Employees can easily view their leave balance by status and submit requests. Any accruals are calculated based on your business rules and can also be forecasted based on predicted working patterns. What’s more, individual, team and business-wide calendars make it easy for employees to check who is already off before submitting a request, and likewise, for managers to quickly understand the impact of any absence on the business.

Timesheets & Time Interpretation

If you need to capture and manage time differently from the standard NetSuite timesheet options, MyPay provides various approaches which then convert the data, as required, for approval and reporting within NetSuite. From any device, users can enter standard timesheets, total hours worked or their start and end times and MyPay will automatically calculate a breakdown of time and entitlements (including overtime) based on your business rules, which feed into your existing NetSuite approvals and reports. This provides you the flexibility you need to manage your business whilst keeping NetSuite at the centre of your reporting and processes.

Streamlined Expense Management

Users can simply email, upload or drag & drop images of receipts to begin an expense claim. As standard, MyPay includes OCR technology to automatically capture data including expense “total” or “date” from the receipt - reducing manual entry and improving accuracy. Expense categories, tax codes, currencies and GL postings are driven by your NetSuite configuration. Receipt images are included in your NetSuite expense reports for approval and auditing purposes and all claims feed into your existing NetSuite approval processes, with no additional steps required.

Empower Your Employees to Manage Their Own Data

By providing secure, restricted access in a single location, MyPay allows your team to easily view and manage their personal and payroll data, removing various disparate systems, manual processes and dependencies for payroll and HR departments to gather and update information in various systems. Employees can update details including emergency contact details, addresses and preferred bank account details for payroll. If you already use Infinet Cloud Payroll in AU, NZ or UK you can also easily publish payslips and integrate data and settings for employee records.

NetSuite Solution Provider and SDN Partner. Embedded, seamless customizations to compliment and enhance NetSuite functionalities. Specialists in Payroll, SaaS Implementation, Cloud Development, SME Business Management, Retail, Hospitality and Financial Services. Wide variety of Tailored solutions available or willing to scope as required.

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