Kyriba is the global leader in treasury finance solutions. Kyriba’s SaaS platform enables CFOs and finance teams to optimize their corporate treasury functions by delivering fully integrated cash, treasury, payment, risk management and supply chain finance solutions.

Kyriba is the global leader in treasury finance solutions. Kyriba’s SaaS platform enables CFOs and finance teams to optimize their corporate treasury functions by delivering fully integrated cash, treasury, payment, risk management and supply chain finance solutions.

About Kyriba

Financial Management Simplified

Thousands of brands worldwide rely on Kyriba to streamline key financial processes; reduce global financial and operational risk; and accelerate growth through improved decision support. Kyriba’s centralized, cloud-based platform empowers global CFOs and their financial teams to work together to accelerate business performance.

Recognized by IDC as the category leader for SaaS and cloud-enabled treasury and risk management applications (2017-2018)

Key Benefits

  • Support decision making through real-time visibility into cash and liquidity
  • Drive global productivity through the automation of mission-critical financial tasks
  • Mitigate financial risks, including managing FX exposure, supporting hedging programs
  • Reduce operational risk via financial controls, payments fraud, and disaster recovery
  • Ensure compliance with evolving global regulations
  • Improve working capital efficiency through supply chain finance
  • Unify disparate payments with a treasury management system to gain value
  • Dramatically reduce bank fees through comprehensive bank fee analysis
  • Reduce borrowing costs and increase interest income
  • Better manage growth by integrating financial systems from acquisitions

ROI (Averages)*

  • $3.9M – Savings over a five-year period
  • 464 hours – Monthly increase in global productivity
  • $1.5M – Interest savings/benefits over a five-year period
  • 11% – Increase in performance associated with FX hedging programs
  • 4.1 months – Time to payback on Kyriba investment

*Estimated results from nearly 100 major companies considering Kyriba.

Customer Quote

“Kyriba has improved the efficiency of our cash operations and provided the tool to help us forecast cash more accurately and effectively. We have been very happy with Kyriba’s implementation and support teams and we’re pleased to be a part of their growing customer base.”
- Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Kyriba SaaS

The SaaS model is synonymous with simplicity, security and profitability. Kyriba was designed originally as a SaaS solution and has for over ten years been made available to clients eliminating the IT support, extra costs, or version confusion that accompanies installed or hosted treasury applications. Kyriba provides security, at any time and in any place.


  • Managed upgrades - we do it for you
  • No IT support required - we support everything
  • Immediate access to new versions and functionality
  • Scalability and flexibility - we grow with your treasury

Complete Security

  • Kyriba is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and operates in the best data centers using industry leading technology
  • We offer full redundancy and disaster recovery so your processes and your data are always protected and available
  • Kyriba is audited annually to the SSAE 16 (replacement for SAS70) standard
Cost Effectiveness
  • Subscribe only to the modules you need
  • Client Support, Hosting and Upgrades are all included in the subscription
  • Easy to learn, easy to use. If you can use the Internet, you can use Kyriba

Cash and Liquidity

Kyriba offers a series of modules that are designed to improve the productivity, visibility, and the effectiveness of financial decision making for CFOs and Treasurers.

Bank Reporting

Kyriba automates the connectivity to domestic and international banks for streamlined bank balance and transaction reporting.

Cash Positioning

Kyriba delivers consolidated cash positioning so that treasury teams can determine the daily cash position, updated in real time across the organization.

Cash Forecasting

Kyriba provides a centralized tool to build and analyze your global cash forecasts by day, week, month, or year leveraging multiple sources of data and modeling tools.

In-house Banking

Kyriba’s tracks in-house banking activity for internal cash pools to support internal working capital management.

Cash Accounting 
Kyriba automates the GL entry process by generating dual- and multi-sided entries from bank and internal cash transactions and seamlessly integrating to NetSuite’s General Ledger module.

Bank Reconciliation 
Kyriba supports the independent reconciliation of bank transactions to accounting entries.


Kyriba’s Payments module offers a sophisticated dashboard-driven workflow to manage your internal payment approval and release procedures for all internal and third party payments.

Kyriba is effectively a payment factory and interfaces directly with NetSuite Accounts Payable to give a straight through process direct to the bank, suppliers, and payees.

Bank Relationship Management

Bank Fee Analysis
Kyriba’s Bank Fee Analysis module allows you to analyze and reconcile bank fees across all your banking partners.

Bank Account Management

Kyriba’s Bank Account Management module offers a workflow to track all details of your bank accounts, including signatories. Kyriba is enabled to support FBAR reporting and eBAM approved messages.

Financial Transactions

Kyriba offers the following financial transaction modules and offers complete support for deal tracking, valuations, online trading, reporting, and accounting entries.

  • Debt
  • Investments
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Interest Rate Derivatives
  • Intercompany Loans

Risk Management

Kyriba provides an extensive risk management solution supporting Treasurers and CFOs for Financial and Counterparty Risk Management. Kyriba supports the following capabilities:

  • FX Exposure Management
  • Mark to Market Valuations
  • Hedge Effectiveness Testing
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Counterparty Exposure Reporting
  • Deal Limit Monitoring
  • Counterparty Risk for Suppliers

Kyriba provides a 100% SaaS enterprise platform, superior bank connectivity, and world-class security.

Drive business performance and ROI by optimizing key financial processes related to cash and risk management, payments, real-time fraud prevention, and more.

  • Reduce costs through treasury and financial process automation
  • Protect against loss from both financial and operational risk
  • Ensure compliance with global regulations
  • Drive growth through improved decision support

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