Accept all major credit cards. Merchant e-Solution offers credit card processing built right within NetSuite – just turn it on!

Accept all major credit cards. Merchant e-Solution offers credit card processing built right within NetSuite – just turn it on!

Merchant e-Solutions for SuitePayments

Credit card processing right within NetSuite – Just Turn It On!

Fifteen years ago, the NetSuite-Merchant e-Solutions partnership began out of the need for payments within NetSuite. Today, with a longstanding history supporting customers to accept payments within NetSuite, Merchant e-Solutions is your single source for end to end payment processing, from authorizations to deposits in your bank account to seamless reconciliation.

  • No hidden third-parties processing your transactions

  • No complex reconciliations

  • No extra layers of fees

 And its already built into NetSuite – just turn it on and get started.

Key Benefits

Greater Efficiency

  • Empower employees to do their work in a fraction of the time compared to non-integrated payment systems. Instead of going in and out of multiple systems and performing manual tasks, users complete those tasks in a few clicks.


  • Increase employee productivity, avoiding the need to add back-office staff as the business expands. 


Increased Cash Flow

  • Streamline payment, billing and reconciliation steps, which has reduced accounts receivables, increased working capital, and made accounting teams more effective at managing cash flow.  

Happier Customers

  • Offer an exceptional customer experience that reduces friction in the buying process and provides immediate receipts for their records.


Easy Implementation in NetSuite

  • Deliver fast time-to-value with seamless integration to NetSuite, and expert support whenever needed. It’s built in – just turn it on.

Strategic Payments Advantages

  • Learn about proven best practices that optimize your costs and processes through consultation with our experienced advisors who understand both payments and NetSuite.

Lower Costs and Greater Accountability 

  • Reduce costs and offer a single source of accountability as an all-in-one provider. No need for layers of providers each charging different fees.

Customer Experiences

“Merchant e-Solutions and NetSuite support our scaling in a big way. We’ve grown explosively over the last three years, and we’re able to handle many more transactions with the same staff. We're carrying a much lower receivables balance even though our total volume of business is higher.”

Aimee Gilbreath | Executive Director

Michelson Found Animals Foundation


“We decided to integrate our customer portal with NetSuite. To do that, we had to import all of our customer credit card data. Merchant e-Solutions efficiently migrated all 2500 customers over.”

Walter Goracke | Senior Payments Analyst



“If a problem or issue arises, it’s fixed within 24 hours. I don’t have to wait – they’re awesome. Customer service is second to none.”

Josh Knuth | President

Alan Environmental Products


“Reconciliation with Merchant e-Solutions is 100% better than our previous system. Before if we had 500 credit card payments, that could take 30-45 minutes to reconcile, but with Merchant e-Solutions we can have it done in a minute or two.”

Walter Goracke | Senior Payments Analyst


Capabilities that Go Beyond the Transaction

Merchant e-Solutions is “Built for NetSuite,” featuring optional expanded capabilities, designed specifically with NetSuite users in mind, and addressing business demands beyond core payments processing.


Tokenization for Card Data Import

  • Enables secure import of payment data (tokens) from legacy or external systems into NetSuite, providing customer convenience for future transactions


Account Updater for SuitePayments

  • Reduces customer cancellation by maintaining payment continuity and minimizes lost revenue due to unnecessary declined payments for "card-on-file" accounts


Automated Reconciliation for SuitePayments

  • Tracks transactions seamlessly from acceptance to funding, making it easy to find discrepancies and manage cash flow


Level II and Level III Processing for B2B

  • Provides enhanced reporting and reduces costs for transactions using B2B/B2G corporate purchase cards, and once enrolled, it happens automatically


EMV Payment Acceptance 

  • Facilitates in-person payment acceptance integrated to NetSuite ERP and SuiteCommerce InStore 


Card Swipe for SuitePayments

  • Allows in-person payment acceptance and reduces card processing expenses with an integrated card reader for card-present transactions and deposits, with options for USB or Bluetooth®

NetSuite Integration

  • NetSuite ERP
  • SiteBuilder
  • SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • SuiteCommerce InStore
  • Omni-channel acceptance options: ERP entry, in-person, eCommerce, Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO)

Credit Card Processing and More

One gateway and processing relationship – no outside parties or integrations and no incremental fees from an external payment gateway:

  • Advanced reporting via web or API
  • Chargeback management
  • Advanced fraud tools with Card and Address Verification filters (CVV and AVS)
  • EMV and ApplePay support (face-to-face transactions only)
  • External shopping cart support (Magento M1/M2, WooCommerce, Shopify, + more)


Payment Methods Supported

Payment methods supported by Merchant e-Solutions for SuitePayments include:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • China UnionPay
  • ACH Customer Payments (coming soon)

Advanced Features to Serve Unique Vertical Markets

Ask how Tokenization with Account Updater, Level III Processing and EMV Acceptance serve specific industries.

  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Wholesale Distributors
  • B2B Manufacturing
  • Services Businesses
  • Retail eCommerce

Merchant e-Solutions is a Leader in Credit Card Processing for NetSuite

With 15 years serving NetSuite users, Merchant e-Solutions is one of the most experienced NetSuite credit card processing partners. We help merchants accept payments anywhere, including in-person, online, Mail Order/Telephone Order, and efficiently manage all activity on their NetSuite platform. 


Merchant e-Solutions is based in Atlanta, GA and is part of Cielo S.A., Latin America’s leader in electronic payment solutions.


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Merchant eSolutions, Inc is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA

Merchant eSolutions, Inc. is a registered ISO/MSP of Synovus Bank, Columbus, GA

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Great Company to do Business With!

We currently use Merchant e-Solutions for 5 different programs we are running. I am very pleased with the services provided by MeS. Their personnel are very friendly and helpful. Reconciling our deposits monthly has never been easier. Setting up a new merchant account is also a quick and easy process. Finally, the fees seem to be some of the lowest in the industry. I would definitely recommend using MeS.

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CC Processing Made Easy!

After using many credit card solutions over the last 20 years, using Merchant e-Solutions has by far been the easiest implementation, most dependable solution for our business needs. The online reporting makes reconcilling our deposits very quick and end of month very smooth. The support staff are very knowledgeable and friendly to work with. Both my staff and our customers are very happy which makes me very happy!

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Encouraging Credit Card Payments is More Cost Effective than Expected

With Merchant e-Solutions payment card processing integrated to NetSuite, we’re now able to recommend paying by credit card to our customers. It’s just so much easier and efficient for us. It makes sense. It’s freed up over $100,000 in working capital.

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