Minisoft eFORMz for NetSuite is a forms and label generation solution for formatting and personalizing application output.

Minisoft eFORMz for NetSuite is a forms and label generation solution for formatting and personalizing application output.

eFORMz for NetSuite

Cloud-based forms and label generation for improved operational excellence.

Key Benefits

  • Automation 
  • Smart Forms
  • Merge Data Streams
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Output Versatility
  • Dropship Library 
  • Eliminate Pre-Printed Forms

Take Your Customer-Facing Documents to the Next Level

Deliver an exceptional end-to-end customer experience, with Minisoft’s eFORMz. eFORMz is a powerful, cloud-based forms and label generation solution for formatting, personalizing and delivering application output from any NetSuite business software solution.


Improve operational excellencies by automating the generation of forms and labels.

Output Versatility

Conditionally change logos and branding based on your NetSuite application output. Distribute attractive customer-facing documents via print, fax and email, or send them to an archive.

Merge Data Streams

Access third-party shipping solutions and big data providers.

Dropship Template Library

Minisoft maintains a library of packing lists of popular retail brands for the purpose of drop-shipping and third-party fulfillment, in both laser and thermal formats.


Sell more with every package you ship, using DuplexPackSlip® thermal and laser labels.

Headquartered in Snohomish, Washington, Minisoft is a worldwide leader in developing and delivering forms and label generation, transactional email and CRM solutions. Minisoft also produces connectivity and middleware tools for legacy business systems such as IBM iSeries and Hewlett Packard. Since 1983, Minisoft has prided itself on providing innovative software technology. Driven by the experiences and feedback of our customers, Minisoft continues to affirm its mission of delivering superior software solutions.

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Highly recommend Minisoft

Minisoft has a great team of professionals that diligently worked to deliver a very complicated workflow. They went above and beyond the call of duty to complete our implementation. They've helped to automate our packing slip and shipping label processes and performed a three way integration between NetSuite, Minisoft, and our logistics platform. We highly recommend Minisoft and their outstanding team of professionals.

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SkyBound USA

SuiteApp Review – Minisoft eFORMz
By SkyBound USA

We are a trampoline and backyard equipment company. We recently switched from our old order management system into NetSuite as our ERP solution. Our original go-live date was October 2017, but we had to push it back to February 2018 due to a shipping label printing issue that came up 2 weeks before going live. Most of the items we ship are one item to a box, so we wanted to use the shipping labels as pick tickets, by printing the 4x6 shipping label on a 4x8 physical label, and printing some additional information such as SKU, description, and quantity on the bottom 2 inches of the label. Since those features where not NetSuite native, we had to delay the project launch until we found Minisoft eFORMz.
The eFORMz project created by Minisoft engineers took the ZPL (Zebra label format) files generated by NetSuite, pulled the tracking number from the label, looked up the matching SKU, description, and quantity from NetSuite, then formatted all this information on the 4x8 physical label, which was printed to the Zebra printer. They created the project to handle labels for all the services we use from FedEx, UPS, and USPS.
Minisoft’s engineers were responsive and worked diligently to complete the project on time! The documentation Minisoft provided was well-written and thorough.
We are very happy with the results of the project and highly recommend Minisoft eFORMz for any of your forms or label generation requirements!

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Fantastic Solution for Printing Complex Shipping Labels

We've worked with Minisoft for about three years now and they have significantly increased their ability in working with NetSuite. We use eFORMz to combine packing lists and shipping labels onto duplex labels and also add any customizations required by our eCommerce partners. The team is very knowledgeable in extracting data from NetSuite. In our case, it's pulling shipping, item, and bin location information from item fulfillment records so that our packing slips can seamlessly be printed with our shipping labels.

The Minisoft team is very friendly and the developers are responsive and work quickly. For us, gradual changes had to be made and the team worked with us ensure that we were not left with a product that didn't fit our needs as our business model changed. If you can dream it, they can probably program it with eFORMz!

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Shipping label customization

We are one of the top sellers on Amazon for home goods. The majority of our orders are Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) single item orders. The orders are imported into NetSuite through FarApp integration. When we process the shipping labels, we wanted to customize the labels to include some order specific information such as SKU#, Bin# and Order ID. That way our warehouse team can use the labels as a picking ticket, which would dramatically simplify our workflow and improve our productivity.

We reached out to a few companies and decided to work with Minisoft. Minisoft engineers were very knowledgeable and responsive. They completed the project on time and met all of our requirements. Overall they were excellent to work with and did the job at a reasonable cost. Even when we ran into technical issues with Amazon SFP, Minisoft engineers found solutions quickly and minimized our downtime.

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