Folio3 NSDroid is a fast, easy and actionable way to access your NetSuite data on your Android phone. Access client information instantly on the go.

Folio3 NSDroid is a fast, easy and actionable way to access your NetSuite data on your Android phone. Access client information instantly on the go.

NSDroid for NetSuite

Folio3 NSDroid is FREE Android app that provides a convenient way to access and edit NetSuite CRM data on the go. Empower your team by providing them instant access to important NetSuite CRM information. Look up a customer's address and immediately get directions using our integration with Google Maps. Update client and contacts information on the spot. Call or email a customer with a single gesture from the app. Search for customers and their relevant information by speaking into the phone while driving, or perform a text based search. Scan and upload business card details directly into NetSuite.

With NSDroid you can also push your NetSuite Calendar to Google and sync it to any other device that supports Google Calendar Integration.

Simply log in with your NetSuite username & password!

NOTE: If you encounter the error "You do not have permission to access web services feature.” Please contact your NetSuite Admin to enable web services. If you need, we can help guide you through the steps to enable this.

Key Benefits

NSDroid is now available with more enhanced User Experience and Feature Set:

  • Simplified Login: Just enter your NetSuite username & password
  • Free 7 day trial of Premium features, for new users
  • NetSuite Calendar Integration - Add & Edit Events / Phone Calls / Tasks (Premium feature)
  • Push your NetSuite Calendar to Google (Premium feature)
  • Business Card Scanner - Scan & Upload business card details as NetSuite Contacts / Leads (Premium feature)
  • Time Tracking Entries [View / Add/ Approve] (Premium feature)
  • Customers [Add/Edit]
  • Prospects [Add/Edit] LI>Leads [Add/Edit]
  • Contacts [Add/Edit]
  • Cases [Add/Edit]
  • Opportunities [Add/Edit]
  • Quotes [Edit]
  • Inventory items & details [View]
  • Switch to different roles
  • Search at Server
  • Custom Fields (Premium feature)
  • Filters on all Lists (Premium feature)
  • Ability to Rate NSDroid from within the app
  • Ability to Share NSDroid with your NetSuite and Device Contacts.
Upgrade to the Licensed Version (in-app purchase) to unlock the Premium Features! There are a number of License Types Available (3 Monthly, Half Yearly, Annual) for a variety of users (Single User, Two / Three / Four / Five & Six seats).

What's New:

Version 3.4

  • Card Grab Feature - Now you can take a photo of a business card and save the details as NetSuite Contacts / Leads.
  • Inventory Items - View inventory lists & item details.
  • Time Tracking - View / Add / Approve time tracking entries.
Version 3.3.1

  • Improved User Interface, Stability and Performance.

Version 3.2

  • Rate NSDroid from within the app.
  • Share NSDroid with NetSuite and Device Contacts.
Version 3.1.6
  • Inclusion of Tasks and Phone Calls in Calendar
  • Add/Edit Calendar Events, Tasks and Phone Calls
  • Push NSDriod Calendar to Google Calendar
  • Free 1 week trial license for New Users
  • Addition of Sales Rep filter in Customers, Prospects, Leads, Cases, Opportunities and Quotes Lists

NetSuite Calendar Integration

NSDroid offers complete Calendar Integration. Now you can push your NetSuite Calendar to Google and sync it with your Android device. Add and edit tasks, appointments and phone calls to your NetSuite calendar directly from NSDroid!

Advanced Search Features

NSDroid offers variety of complex search features, including pre-defined search filters based on data category type and Search at Server functionality.

Support for Custom Data Fields

NSDroid provides complete support for Custom Data Fields so you can capture all the additional details for each record.

Built-in Business Card Scanner

NSDroid also offers brand new business card scanning feature called "CardGrab" that allows you to scan & upload business card details directly into your NetSuite account as Contacts or Leads. A unique functionality exclusive to NSDroid!

Support for Inventory Items Viewing & NetSuite Time Tracking

The latest version of NSDroid also offers 2 other new features:

  • Support for Inventory Items Viewing - View inventory lists & inventory item details
  • NetSuite Time Tracking Support - Add / View / Approve NetSuite Time Tracking entries

Folio3 has extensive experience building enterprise and mobile solutions. We have been doing custom NetSuite development for the past four years. We also focus on building smart-phone (iPhone / iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian) apps for the Enterprise. With our offshore teams, we can provide high quality, creative solutions at a very competitive cost.

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