Lease accounting solution for NetSuite. NetLease Management Tool will allow NetSuite customers to manage, operationalize and comply with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 lease accounting requirements.

Lease accounting solution for NetSuite. NetLease Management Tool will allow NetSuite customers to manage, operationalize and comply with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 lease accounting requirements.

Complete Lease Accounting Solution for NetSuite

NetLease allows customers to manage, administer and comply with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 directly in their NetSuite account.

Key Benefits

  • Single, native-NetSuite solution
  • 100% drill-down capability
  • Direct links between lease liabilities and ROU assets
  • Never miss a key date
  • Capture financial & non-financial data 
  • Real-time visibility

Key NetLease Capabilities

  •     Compliant with IFRS 16 and FASB ASC 842 requirements for lessee and lessor accounting
  •     Supports lease reporting & decision making throughout the entire lease lifecycle
  •     Push-button reporting for both FASB and IFRS financial and non-financial disclosures
  •     Full lease automation
  •     Integrated AP management
  •     Robust end-to-end audit trail
  •     Manage lease modifications
  •     Store and access key details and documents for each lease record
  •     100% Built for NetSuite

High Value, Lower Cost

  • Value solution covering policy, data collection & review and technology
  • Time, Productivity and Resource Savings

Trouble-Free Transition

  • Fast & Simple
  • Complete Historical Details
  • Practical Expedient Options

Confidence in Compliance

  • Transition Reporting
  • Modification & Early Termination
  • Reporting & Audit Trails

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Netgain is an SDN partner focused on creating native NetSuite solutions that address complex finance and accounting challenges. We're a company of CPAs who have lived and breathed accounting on the NetSuite platform. Because of that experience, Netgain was started to help accountants streamline their systems, so they can efficiently manage business challenges and adapt to changes like ASC 842 and IFRS 16. 

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We are currently using the NetLease product from NetGain. We find this user friendly, has great reporting, and accomplishes the goals we set out to have which is to be ready to convert to ASC 842. We had a great experience with the NetGain team when they helped us set-up NetLease. We cannot say enough about the quality of the tool and the professionalism of the team.

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Great solution to IFRS16

We implemented NetLease and the solution has worked brilliantly.

We are currently using the bundle to calculate the IFRS16 required Balance Sheet and Income Statement impacts of our 100+ leases.

Easy implementation with good technical support. I definitely recommend this.

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Easy Implementation and Easy to Use

The implementation was very quick and easy as NetGain set-up recurring meetings to move through the requirements and steps. We had already gathered the documentation on the leases so the hardest part on our end was done. NetGain team walked us through setting up all the necessary details and the documentation for importing the lease information was so easy to use that I didn't even need assistance from NetGain, though they were ready to offer help as this was built into the steps of their recurring meetings.
We no longer have all the manual journal entries required by the new lease accounting standards. At month-end, I run two jobs and can trust that the lease accounting is being done correctly. No more mistakes from doing these calculations manually.

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The Best Lease Accounting Solution for NetSuite

The NetLease bundle has provided our company the flexibility to systematize and automate even our most complex leases and the accounting thereon.

Whether you operate a NetSuite OneWorld account and/or Multi-book Accounting, NetLease can handle those complex lease scenarios.

Our lease accounting process at month end now runs smoothly thanks to our use of NetLease.

We partnered with NetGain on our NetLease implementation and I say "partnered" intentionally as this really felt like a true partnership from the get-go. NetGain have been receptive to our feedback on the product and have provided outstanding customer support whenever an issue did arise during the implementation process.

Thank you NetGain team for building a robust, end to end solution for lease accounting within NetSuite. We would have struggled to automate our lease accounting processes without NetLease.

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Successful Implementation

We are a fast-growing company and we wanted to early adopt the new ASC 842 before the end of our fiscal year and year end audit. We didn't know how to, or which tools would best support our systems, until we learned about NetLease. After that initial call with NetGain team, we were sold. The fact that NetLease was embedded in NetSuite was the biggest advantage for us compared to other tools out there for ASC 842. NetLease gives various reports to help support the calculation and disclosures of the new standard.

Honestly, if our account manager, Zack Larsen, didn't hold our hands through the setup and implementation, we wouldn't be able to early adopt the new standard so quickly. We implemented NetLease within NetSuite in a matter of days. We were able to run reports and start posting the adjustments needed very quickly before the audit started. Zack Larsen was extremely flexible and would jump on a call to help us with our issues immediately even though our time difference is like 9 hours apart. He helped us understand each of the various reports which NetLease produces. This was crucial especially for disclosure notes. And if the reports weren't running correctly, he would make sure it was fixed. Lastly, he helped us understand the formulas, which were being used in the reports that helped not only us but also the auditors in their recalculation. NetLease was a game changer and helped us adopted early quickly.

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