Nexonia Timesheets is an easy-to-use web and mobile employee time tracking solution, seamlessly integrated with NetSuite, supporting your corporate policies and approval processes.

Nexonia Timesheets is an easy-to-use web and mobile employee time tracking solution, seamlessly integrated with NetSuite, supporting your corporate policies and approval processes.

Online Timesheets With Full Mobile Solutions

Whenever you are, you can track, change and submit your working hours against clients and projects. All you need is a mobile phone or tablet - iOs, Android or BlackBerry. Nexonia Timesheets free mobile app can work even offline, so you can manage your time from absolutely everywhere.

Key Benefits

  • Extend your workflow with the only timesheets application built to support the complexities of NetSuite.
  • Scale with ease using Nexonia’s enterprise-grade product.
  • Automate your existing time tracking practice without compromising existing controls.
  • Recapture costs with billable time, and better understand how your team’s time is being spent.
  • Easily manage your systems with Nexonia’s integrated suite of T&E products, all seamlessly integrated with NetSuite.
  • Give your team the ability to track their time without granting access to your sensitive financial environment.

Proven Solution

Nexonia has been serving customers since 2004 and has an extensive track record in delivering quality NetSuite solutions and excellent customer service.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Nexonia offers turnkey implementation to help you get setup quickly, tailored to your specific needs. You can also take advantage of our included training program with a live webinar direct to your team. We’ll even provide a recorded copy you can utilize for training down the road.

So much more than NetSuite Timesheets

Each Nexonia Timesheets account comes with everything you need to begin tracking time, along with a host of features that help you better track the way time is spent. Multiple entry methods, including timers, allow you to easily record billable time. Detailed records on timesheets empower you to track hours against activities, and better understand your costs.

Easily automates your existing processes

Nexonia Timesheets were designed to be tailor fit to your ideal time tracking process, ensuring you don’t need to adjust your process to fit into ours. Customization is at the heart of the Nexonia platform, and our team will ensure your version of Nexonia fits in seamlessly, right down to the look and feel.

Delivers comprehensive data back into NetSuite

API-based integrations ensure your data is transferred securely and automatically.  With over 300 pre-built NetSuite integration settings available, Nexonia is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Time & Expense and AP modules, and sync against a range of NetSuite dimensions, such as: Customers, Vendors, Items, Departments, Locations, Classes, and more. Better yet, Nexonia offers support for your custom lists, allowing you granular control over how your users interact with your NetSuite data.

Improve efficiency through reports & automation

Gain total visibility into all working time and time off. Custom reports let you analyze all time-based projects, while flexible approval workflows make sure the hours are seen by the right people every time. Late timesheets become a thing of the past, as automated timesheet reminders help ensure hours get submitted on time.

Nexonia Timesheets offers a complete suite of configurable time tracking, task billing and time off tools optimized for professional services providers. The platform is accessible via web and mobile devices, ensuring timesheets are never out of reach. Nexonia is designed to easily implement your unique policies and configurations, including granular control and automation. A combination of reports and targeted alerts give visibility into your team’s progress, while helping to remove barriers from their way.

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Nexonia Timesheets

Excellent timesheet program for our accounting firm. Easy to use. Easy to implement. Many reports are available and integrated with our NetSuite database with no difficultly.

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Labor tracking to projects

Excellent tool to capture time spent by employees into projects for payroll allocation to projects without having to implement a full project management system.

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Fantastic, efficient, and easy to use

Fantastic, efficient, and easy to use app. Our users absolutely love both the time and expense applications from Nexonia. They’ve told me they never want to go back to our previous systems. From my chair, the integration with NetSuite is tight and seamless. In addition to producing a great product, the folks at Nexonia are an outright joy to work with. I’ve never come across a company that’s more focused customer service and being true to their word. Every request, no matter how crazy it may seem, is honored, and the speed at which they deliver is amazing. They developed five feature requests before we even became an official customer. And it hasn't stopped there. Post sales service remains excellent. I’d highly recommend Nexonia to any company looking to improve its time and expense management.

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