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NextService reviews


Mobile app

We have just recently migrated to Netsuite/Nextservice.
With the implementation of Nextservice into our business we have seen a great benefit in the mobile app, having our in-field technicians able to enter the transaction straight into our system saving time. No more double handling and it reduces paperwork. Another great benefit that the technicians are enjoying is the ability to see history of a site.

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Major efficiency gains with NextService and Digitisation

Field engineers at the right place at the right time, with full job history, client records, invoicing in the field and real-time data analytics on one platform.

This solution has enabled us to transform the way we deliver service and measure what matters most.

We've radically reduced the administration costs associated with multiple data entry points and enabled us to rethink our workflows so they better align with client expectations and our own compliance requirements.

George Yammouni
CEO, Headland Machinery

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Outstanding Service Application

SprintQuip have been using NextService for a year, and it has been a transformational application for the company's service arm.

SprintQuip are now equipped with one system giving a single view of the customer, along with real-time analytics and KPI reporting via dashboards. This has allowed SprintQuip to have the information necessary for accurate and timely business decisions.

Technicians have the ability to capture spare parts and costs in the field, including time and expenses. Through this streamlining of inventory management and billing, SprintQuip has a full understanding of the profitability of each, and every single, job.

Through the easy to use mobile application technicians can quickly complete checklists and compliance forms and, with the real time WHS reporting, any workplace hazards are identified immediately.

SprintQuip have significantly improved customer response times, particularly for urgent jobs, as they now have real time visibility of technicians through the power of the NextService Scheduler. Technicians can be re-scheduled even quicker during the course of the working day to allow for any ad hoc customer requests. Scheduled maintenance is also easily managed in line with contracts.

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Game-changer for service

In 2017, I was tasked to find a field service app compatible with Netsuite that would give my client greater visibility and control over their growing service division. During our evaluation, NextService appeared the most intuitive, well-conceived and polished product. In particular, the Scheduler was leagues ahead of the other apps we considered. It was also important to have a local implementation done out of Australia, within the same time zone for ease of intensive development and on-going support.

It was clear the NextService team also had the smart and professional goodwill to work with the existing scripting, which enabled the business-critical continuity and maintenance of historical accuracy across their serial tracking.

Overall Business Impact

- Multiple, disparate electronic and paper-based systems now integrated into a single, seamless cloud-based system on Netsuite.
- Jobs needing additional admin to solve data entry issues have gone from 9/10 to 1/10
- Having maintenance agreements pre-planned in NetSuite has made it easier to keep on top of jobs, particularly for large projects.
- For technicians: performance dramatically improved by displaying comprehensive customer information, historical work done on machines, as well as simplified information/image capture. The interface is beautiful, easy to use and compatible across any mobile device they prefer to choose.
- For customers: the balance of break down repairs has shifted towards scheduled maintenance since implementing NextService, with more time to focus on proactive jobs rather than reactive ones. This results in smoother, continuous operations for their sites.
- For management team, accurate reporting – particularly NextService Profitability Reporting - by combining collected field service data with relevant sales and case data helps us get true visibility to refine pricing, returns and re-evaluate KPI’s for both technicians and sales teams.

Specific gains:

Time efficiencies
o Scheduling now takes a fraction of the time with the drag and drop schedule board
o 60% improvement in getting invoices out and receiving payment for jobs in a timelier manner – jobs are invoiced within a week, versus 2-3 weeks due to delays in paperwork
o Time more than halved to process jobs. This used to take 5-10 minutes per job - with NextService this has reduce down to 1-2 minute to check and click a button to create an invoice (more than half)
o Time more than halved for technicians with not having to write out paper job sheets
o Time more than halved in spare parts dispatch for technicians on scheduled works

Data accuracy
o All service jobs are now in real time across our entire network – what we see is what we get, now all at-a-glance on the scheduler
o Much better control and visibility over spare parts used and serialized item traceability

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Great Support Team, Good Product

Great system, lots of customization available and all with solid support behind it (both before and after implementation). Coordinating our field technicians has become much easier since moving to NextService.

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NextService has aided our Service Team

NextService has been a great help to our Service Department. It has helped us improve our service + spare parts management and customer service. We now have access to real-time data in the field. It is a reliable system that continues to develop and improve. NextService, being on the NetSuite platform, has given us helpful data for costing, resource planning and other service analysis. A beneficial system if you have a service department that use NetSuite.

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Best Integrated Solution

We spent many months (technically over a year) researching and reviewing applications that fully integrate with NetSuite, NextService is hands down the best solution you will find. Combine this with the interface that the field technicians will use each and every day, you have a Win Win!! Do not be fooled by competitors that disguise their product by saying it is fully integrated. They really are not. Also, do not be fooled by competitors who purchase field service code or applications and shoehorn it into NetSuite to make it work. They just don't live up to the promises they claim.

You are already a very smart company to choose NetSuite because you see the value of the architecture that NetSuite is built upon. NextService is simply an extension of NetSuite, and is built with the same flexibility and scalability your company found desirable by choosing NetSuite to manage all of your important company functions.

I can't say it enough, but if you have the need in your business model to manage field technicians regardless of the industry, then this is the solution period.

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