Designed for less complex warehouse operations, Descartes OzLink™ Mobile Pro provides bar code scanning automation for NetSuite and is compatible with iOS and Android based devices.

Designed for less complex warehouse operations, Descartes OzLink™ Mobile Pro provides bar code scanning automation for NetSuite and is compatible with iOS and Android based devices.

Bar Code Scanning Automation for NetSuite

OzLINK Mobile Pro provides seamless bar code scanning automation for warehouse and inventory management; purchase order receiving, transfer order receiving, inventory put-away, inventory move, sales order picking, transfer order picking and more.


Key Benefits

PO Receiving

  • OzLINK intelligent routing uses complex internal logic to make picking and put-away simple to understand and efficient
  • Utilize multiple units of measure (UOM) based on your inventory specifications
  • Supports sku aliasing for your custom inventory or warehouse requirements
Order Picking
  • Leverage path-directed picking to improve efficiency
  • Single or multi-order picking
  • Verify items being picked from the shelf to prevent errors
  • Increase visibility and control by capturing lot and serial numbers
Inventory Control
  • Perform bin counts to validate your inventory and improve your accuracy
  • Print item bar code labels wirelessly, to EPL, ZPL and laser printers with no additional hardware required
  • Easily move items between bins, keeping your NetSuite inventory up-to-date
  • Item look-ups include the product image which prevents inventory being incorrectly picked
  • Location transfers of inventory are now a few simple steps, and confirmation is provided to the user

Support for Industry Standard Item Types

OzLINK Mobile Pro supports industry recognized inventory item types: standard, lot controlled and serialized items.

Order Picking

  • Pick sales orders and transfer orders
  • Direct users efficiently through the warehouse
  • Verify correct items are being picked at the shelf
  • Collect pick-from-bin, speeding order fulfillment
  • Track how many items an employee picks

Purchase Order Receiving

  • Quickly and accurately verify purchase order or transfer order receipts on the dock
  • Works with NetSuite's "Advanced Bin Management" feature
  • Receive a single item, a case or a master case with a single scan
  • Instantly alert users to order discrepancies
  • Capture serial numbers or lot numbers with expiration dates

Item Put-Away and Move

  • Ensure NetSuite knows where items are located at all times
  • Direct user to quickly put away newly received inventory
  • Easily move existing items between bins (or even locations) without the paper, or getting inventory out of sync, or misplaced

Start Small, Think Big

Start with even a single user license, knowing that OzLINK can grow with you as your company grows.

Wireless Printing

Settings enable granular control over printing item labels, packing slips, and anything else your organization needs, right from your mobile device. 

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King Ranch and OzLink

We just recently implemented OzLink Mobile Pro and OzLink Shipping in our warehouse along with NetSuite. OzLink is a great fit for NetSuite and running a warehouse seamlessly. Their product is very efficient and gives you great tools for warehouse management. It integrates wonderfully with UPS worldship and USPS.

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