ParityFactory is a food and beverage industry WMS and Production software. Including catchweight, one-to-many processes, integrated scales, barcoding, tracing and more. With NetSuite running all of your operations and ParityFactory running your factory floor, you'll enjoy the industry's best-in-class solution.

ParityFactory is a food and beverage industry WMS and Production software. Including catchweight, one-to-many processes, integrated scales, barcoding, tracing and more. With NetSuite running all of your operations and ParityFactory running your factory floor, you'll enjoy the industry's best-in-class solution.

The Industry's best WMS for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

ParityFactory simplifies materials control in food production plants—increasing the efficiency of shop floor workers, reducing errors, and giving managers the accurate inventory reports and lot tracing they need. ParityFactory's NetSuite integration automates the tracking and management of materials as they flow from receiving through shipping.

Key Benefits

Dramatically Reduce Inventory Variance: The majority of ParityFactory's clients go from weekly physical counts to twice a year. That's how dramatic a difference they experience in inventory accuracy. Not only does it make receiving and shipping more accurate, it also makes it faster. 

Prevent Production and Shipment Errors: ParityFactory's integrated barcoding and scanning software prevent users from scanning the wrong ingredients into a production run. It also prevents the team from adding the wrong finished goods to a shipment. All while automatically enforcing FIFO or FEFO. 

IoT Integrations Eliminate Manual Data Entry: In addition to getting rid of paper and moving to barcoding, ParityFactory can also integrate truck scale, factory scales, or robotics to automatically capture critical data without human intervention. 

Integrated with NetSuite: ParityFactory has worked closely with the NetSuite team to build out the integration to enable accurate inventory, as well as detailed yields and costing, empowering the executive team to make mission critical decisions with high confidence in the data.

Customer Quote

“With rapidly rising operating costs, automation is an imperative in our plant. ParityFactory provides us with a stable operating platform in processing, case-up, and shipping/receiving, which will allow us to explore numerous opportunities for improved efficiencies in our operations.”

—Don Goodfellow, Alyeska Seafoods

Receiving through Shipping

Via the integration with NetSuite, your team on the floor knows what raw ingredients are coming in before the trucks even arrive. By pulling the PO information from NetSuite, your team knows exactly what should be on each truck -- and the system warns them if they receive too little or too much. 

Once the goods are scanned in, that inventory automatically shows up in NetSuite matched to the PO. 

Similarly, ParityFactory also pulls the SOs from NetSuite, so the system--and your team--knows exactly what pallets/cases should be on each shipment. Best of all, our food-specific software will prevent them from scanning the wrong pallet to a shipment, all while enforcing FIFO/FEFO. 

Once the shipment is built, ParityFactory will automatically create the BOL. 

Lastly we create the invoice and send it to NetSuite, dramatically reducing your time to invoice.

Production Management

In addition to keeping inventory live and accurate throughout the operation, and reducing shipping and receiving errors, our system will also expedite your production.

Integrated with NetSuite's Work Orders, ParityFactory will generate a FIFO/FEFO compliant pick-list for each Production Run. The barcode scanners running ParityFactory will prevent users from scanning out the wrong ingredients. Not only that, but because ingredients are scanned into production runs--and finished goods scanned into inventory--your team will have clear visibility into Yields for each production run. 

The information managed by ParityFactory, integrated with NetSuite, enables NetSuite to provide accurate and detailed costing on both many-to-many and one-to-many production processes.

Lot Tracing, Re-Work & Co-mingling

ParityFactory is the industry standard in Lot Tracing, completing recall exercises in just a minute. But, more importantly, the system itself makes it practical to track re-work and comingling at a detailed level--meaning customer recalls are far less broad than they might otherwise be. 

Whether working in bulk liquids or powders, even in an intense re-work environment, ParityFactory enables clients to track each lot that goes in and everything they produce.

Catchweight & Random Weight

ParityFactory manages Catchweight and Random Weight items correctly, every time. Critically, the software feeds the right data back to NetSuite in order to empower accurate costing even for Catchweight items.


ParityQuality is built for food processors who want to record, track, and report on quality data in the plant. As an integral component of ParityFactory’s materials control solution, ParityQuality reduces risk, saves time, produces real-time information and establishes modern quality controls that earn the  trust of clients and food safety agencies.

ParityFactory is a food and beverage industry and WMS and Production Management software. We work solely with food and beverage, focused on digital lot tracing, inventory management, production and shipping. For more than 30 years, we have been working with our food and beverage manufacturers to help them create a safer product, more efficiently. We're proud of our NetSuite integration and how together we help food processors and distributors manage their complex production operations. From catch-weight and random-weight, to one-to-many and many-to-many processes, our integrated solution is tailored to the food and beverage industry. We track inbound ingredients to outbound finished good and everything in between.With NetSuite running your operations, strategy and finance, and ParityFactory running your factory floor, you'll enjoy the industry's best in class solution, seamlessly integrated.

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Parity Implementation & Post Go Live

We are effectively a start-up company that was looking to establish a core ERP and production system for catchweight products. ParityFactory was recommended as a key integration partner by NetSuite due to their ability to handle catchweight complexities. They are an incredible partner that helped us through all phases of our implementation (scoping, training, Go Live, and production support).

The technical consulting resources on our implementation quickly understood our current business model and challenges, our goals and objectives for future growth and development. They helped us develop a model that not only met our current needs but set us up for future expansion.

Parity’s development and customer support team is excellent to work with. Not only are they responsive in reviewing support cases, but they are extremely fast at resolving issues and ensuring our business continues to operate without delay. They have also been a key success factor in the ability to develop integration solutions with NetSuite that will enable the connectivity between our production system and ERP.

We are pleased to have ParityFactory as a solutions partner and we look forward to ongoing collaboration with them in our continued business growth.

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