B2B Optimized Subscription Management and Analytics

B2B Optimized Subscription Management and Analytics

Powerful B2B Subscription Analytics

In a B2B subscription business, accurate metric and analytics information on churn, retention, growth, cohort behavior and CLV are essential for performance reporting and for decision making. SaaSOptics brings you the most advanced and most complete subscription analytics reporting in the market.

Key Benefits

Accurate subscription analytics reporting for board meeting, investment rounds, and funding are available realtime as needed.

Accuracy and Completeness

Analytics reports are built from your Netsuite financial records, which ensures accuracy and completeness.

Subscription Momentum Report

We built the first subscription momentum report in 2010 and now 4 generations of enhancement and learning from use in over 500 B2B subscription companies is embodied in nearly 100 different ARR/MRR, Churn and Retention metrics.

Cohort Reports

The most powerful and flexible cohort reporting for subscription businesses, SaaSOptics enables you to select your cohort. In addition to the common Start Month, you can select from dozens of other cohorts that provide deep insight into retention behavior.


In a subscription business, the future is more known than in a traditional business. SaaSOptics includes a power projection reporting function that rolls subscriptions forward to enable forecasting or revenues, renewals, bookings, and invoicing for up to 3 years into the future.

Bookings & Traditional Data

You will still need simple and accurate reporting on booking, new sales, etc. SaaSOptics delivers this with a powerful and simple to use reporting tool that is "subscription aware" and enables reporting not just by traditional bookings amounts, but by ARR, MRR, and other subscription attributes. 

SaaSOptics is a complete subscription management platform that provides B2B optimized subscription management, financial reporting, and subscription analytics. SaaSOptics industry-leading performance metrics and analytics deliver all the subscription reporting you need such as ARR/MRR momentum, churn and retention rates, customer lifetime value (CLV), and a variety of cohorts.

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