Turnkey PowerBI Reporting Solution for all your NetSuite and other data sources.

Turnkey PowerBI Reporting Solution for all your NetSuite and other data sources.

Turnkey PowerBI for NetSuite

Satori Reporting is a turnkey reporting solution for NetSuite. All your NetSuite data is pre-built in our PowerBI data model to create the most advanced BI reporting solution for NetSuite customers. 

Note: This solution comes with a REST API based connector that refreshes your NetSuite data (via saved searches) up to every 15 minutes. 

Key Benefits

PowerBI is the #1 ranked BI tool by Gartner - providing you reporting and analytical capabilities to drive a strong ROI.

Connects all your NetSuite data in a single tool (PowerBI) for all of your financial and operational reporting requirements

Includes all transaction level details with URL links back to the transaction in NetSuite

Joins your NetSuite data to all your 3rd party data sources (i.e. SalesForce, Google Analytics, Historical Data and Data warehouses)

Unlimited versions of budget/forecast reporting

50-90% reduction in time spent preparing reports

Key Customer Use Cases

1. Unlimited Joins across records/transactions - NetSuite Saved Searches limit you to one join – Satori Reporting supports unlimited joins. See your data end-to-end!

Ex. Join Customers, Items, Sales Orders, Invoices and Returns in one report

2. One Reporting Tool for All Disparate Data Sources - One Version of the truth! Ex. Join Salesforce, Google Analytics, Historical Data, Data Warehouses and so many more with your NetSuite Data

3.Powerful and Actionable Data Insights to Solve Specific Business Questions - PowerBI is the #1 ranked BI Tool by Garnter that updates monthly with incredible new analytics features/functionality.

4.External Facing Dashboards - Ex. Vendor PO reports, Customer order tracking

5.Time to Prepare and Update Reports/Dashboards - Our reports/dashboards in PowerBI automatically refresh (reducing time spent preparing reports by 50-100%). Also in Excel and PowerPoint.

Unlimited Joins

Join all your NetSuite data together - end to end without any limitations. Also, join all your other data sources into your NetSuite data (i.e. Salesforce, Google Analytics).

Saved Search Connector

Our solution comes with a REST API based connector that refreshed your NetSuite data into PowerBI up to every 15 minutes. 

#1 Ranked BI Tool - PowerBI

See an immediate ROI with the most powerful analytics tool on the market. Also, it's the easiest to use, we call it excel 2.0

Satori Technology is made of Certified NetSuite ERP Consultants and Developers with 100+ implementations under our belts. Our solutions help you take NetSuite reporting and analytics to the next level! We are experts in all things NetSuite, Data Warehousing, Power BI and Tableau.

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