Shepherd is 100% native to Netsuite Managing Field Service, Maintenance, Equipment rental and Health & Safety in NetSuite.

Shepherd is 100% native to Netsuite Managing Field Service, Maintenance, Equipment rental and Health & Safety in NetSuite.

Maintenance, Field Service, and H&S Management

Shepherd provides comprehensive Maintenance Management and Field Service management for NetSuite. Shepherd has tightly coupled its internal CMMS with NetSuite’s Fixed Asset Management SuiteApp). Shepherd CMMS is 100% native NetSuite and leverages core NetSuite ERP, accounting, CRM and other functionality to provide a comprehensive maintenance management solution. Highlights of Shepherd includes sophisticated forecast preventive maintenance as well as tightly coupled Health, Safety & Wellness (HS&W). The HS&W features in particular are critical in certain regulatory environments.

Key Benefits

Easily manage and maintain both customer assets in the field or internal fixed assets with Shepherd’s NetSuite-native CMMS including forecasted preventive maintenance and health, safety & wellness compliance.

Increase Revenue

  • Forecast service reminders drive sales;
  • Service order workflow eliminates missed billing;
  • Parts check-out feature eliminates missing & unbilled inventory.
Reduce Costs
  • Improve parts supply chain management with automatic, service triggered purchase order creation;
  • Preventive maintenance avoids costly failures and down time;
  • Avoid lost, unbilled time by managing tool, equipment, and PPE certification periods.
Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Achieve 100% reporting from maintenance staff including readings, assets status, and follow-up task management;
  • Track and measure response time to support cases;
  • Ensure safety/regulatory compliance;
  • Automate expense accounting;
  • Calculate TOTEX and OPEX by assigning parts & time cost to equipment and/or component records.

Customer Quote

Shepherd CMMS has allowed us to manage dispatching & order management years into the future, to comply with the very rigid SAP reporting requirements of our drinking water utility customers in the United Kingdom, to ensure 100% reporting, and to solve the problem of unbilled time and missing parts. We now inventory all customer equipment on-site and create asset records for each in NetSuite. We then assign time and cost to each and/or to its component equipment allowing us calculate CAPEX, TOTEX, and OPEX for a specific valve or a compressor. Shepherd's CMMS application relieved our management of the daily H&S procedure. It is now fully automated saving us many hours each week as well as putting us in full compliance with HS&W regulation. We are now implementing it so as to comply for our Achilles accreditation.
- Garnet Woods

Shepherd in Operation

Shepherd manages the maintenance many of the world's largest water utilities, mining operations, power plants, and boiler operations in the US, Asia, & Europe.  

Core Maintenance Features

Full Featured Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • Standardize scope, reporting, readings, recurrence;
  • Forecast and auto-schedule services based on usage/calendar metrics;
  • Maintain service and labor (time) histories assigned to equipment records allowing for TOTEX and OPEX calculation;
  • Schedule technician and tools for service orders;
  • Manage staff's, tool's, and PPE's technical certifications & check their validity for each service
  • Assure availability of parts, labor and resources (tools) and manage/automate supply chain (parts orders, inventory and fulfillment;
  • Drag-n-drop technician scheduler.

Field Service Aspect

(For service providers maintaining equipment owned by their customer.)
  • Catalog customer equipment, their components, & their components’ components;
  • Mirror contracts with customized Shepherd Sales Orders;
  • Close out a service obligation only after billing;
  • Manage overall operations at a glance with field service dashboard;
  • Store and deploy O&M manuals, service history, reporting, logistical data to the field;
  • Enable inspections, time tracking and follow-up tasks recording in the field;
  • Expedite parts fulfillment and cases/emergency service orders in the field.

Fixed Asset Management

  • Automatically forecast Service Orders and generate Work Orders based on usage meters;
  • Automate Supply chain with Bill of Material, automatic purchase order generation and more;
  • Tight integration with NetSuite’s Fixed Asset Management SuiteApp
    • Synchronize equipment inventory with NetSuite Fixed Assets;
    • Capitalize service costs to fixed assets with specialized FAM revaluation transaction;
  • Expense and track service cost:
    • Parts;
    • Sub-contract labor;
    • Internal employee labor.

Offline Client

  • Enables field service reporting in areas without internet;
  • Enter equipment readings and fill out service reports in the field;
  • Push service orders and scopes to the field;
  • Compatible with Apple iPad, Windows PCS/tablets and Google ChromeBooks (any Chrome App platform);
  • Easy installation from Chrome web store;
  • iPhone, Andriod, etc. versions with additional field service features also available soon.

Health, Safety & Wellness

Critical Health & Safety assurance and regulatory compliance automation
  • Standardize and automate H&S: reduce middle management:
    • Mitigate risk with daily H&S reviews & post-service debriefs:
    • Order work stoppages/clearances by technician per H&S review:
    • Automate work stoppage and other vital notifications to techs;
  • Certification/Authorizations Management & Service Date Enforcement
    • RAMS & TWOSA comprehension assurance/e-signing;
    • Staff H&S certifications;
    • Resources/Tools Certification;
    • Safety Gear (PPE) Certification;
    • Carried Papers;
    • Vendor Authorizations;
  • Manage H&S operations with comprehensive dashboard.
Shared liability makes for a far more careful workforce.


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