Simple and powerful, SnapSign is a comprehensive e-signature and document management solution that helps customers reduce costs and save valuable time by minimizing ‘time to signature’ thereby accelerating business results.

Simple and powerful, SnapSign is a comprehensive e-signature and document management solution that helps customers reduce costs and save valuable time by minimizing ‘time to signature’ thereby accelerating business results.

Solution Overview

Stop printing, faxing, scanning, emailing and filing paper documents. SnapSign makes getting documents signed (or signing documents) easy, effortless and secure – and all right from within NetSuite. Now you can confidently send out documents - such as sales contracts, government forms, legal releases and much more – without ever having to leave NetSuite.

With SnapSign's powerful and seamless NetSuite integration, now you can get even more out of your NetSuite investment.

SnapSign adds a ‘sign’ button to familiar NetSuite objects to make getting signatures (or signing documents) simple and easy and then can save those documents right back to NetSuite.

Key Benefits

Speed to Signature
Do business at the speed of the Internet and achieve your business results faster. Whether it is closing that big deal, onboarding that great new hire or any other existing paper-based process, SnapSign can help you realize your business results faster.

Improved Productivity
No more wasting your (or your employees’) precious time and money printing, scanning and faxing documents around; and no more chasing down signatures or updates on document status. With SnapSign, now every one of your documents can be signed and managed safely and securely in the cloud. This will free up you and your employees to focus on the things that matter most to your business and not on paperwork.

Leverage NetSuite Investment
With NetSuite you have a singular application to help you run your business and now you can extend NetSuite with the power of SnapSign, leveraging your NetSuite investment and data with a fully integrated e-signature solution.

Realize Business Results Faster

With SnapSign and NetSuite, you can now realize business results faster while also saving time and money (and maybe even some trees). Now you can send, sign and manage all of your documents right from within NetSuite.


Request signatures or sign documents right from a single ‘sign’ button that is deployed on standard NetSuite pages - such as Customers, Leads or Opportunities as well as many others.

Now you can realize business results faster – and with greater visibility and confidence. Once your documents are completed they can be saved back to NetSuite’s File Cabinet and are associated with the corresponding NetSuite object – making documents easy to find and share. You have all the power of SnapSign’s powerful e-signature solution accessible and seamlessly integrated with NetSuite.


SnapSign has worked with NetSuite to develop a powerful and fully integrated solution - helping you realize even more from your NetSuite investment.

SnapSign leverages NetSuite’s extensive set of APIs to give you access to contacts and documents natively stored within NetSuite’s database. Additionally, you can use NetSuite data to dynamically populate SnapSign documents – leveraging NetSuite as your single source of the truth for data across your business.


With SnapSign you can track the status of a document right from within NetSuite. Now you will have greater visibility as to who has viewed a document and where a document is in it’s lifecycle - all available in a native NetSuite tab.


You can also extend the power of SnapSign and our NetSuite integration to better fit your unique business requirements:

  • Deploy SnapSign’s ‘Sign’ button to other NetSuite objects
  • Extend document workflow by creating custom records or calls to other NetSuite APIs when documents are completed.
  • Send custom notifications upon document completion.
  • Build custom templates for documents that you find yourself sending out time and time again.
  • Map NetSuite field values dynamically to SnapSign templates to pre-populated documents before you send them out.
  • Upload a custom logo to brand your customer experience.

Features [General]

SnapSign’s intuitive and compelling user interface has been designed to help you get productive right from the start.

Our hardened server infrastructure is hosted behind a secure firewall at a world-class SSAE-16 (SOC 1/SOC 2/SOC 3) certified data center that has also been ISO 27001 certified.

SnapSign is ‘in the cloud’ – so you can access it anywhere – from any device (browser compatibility required). With SnapSign you can send and sign documents from the beach, on the plane (wi-fi required) or even – of all places – in the office.

Powerful Workflow
The built-in workflow gives you the flexibility to determine how a document moves through your business process. So whether your process calls for a single signature or you require multi-form documents with multiple ordered signatures – along with comprehensive approvals and review – our workflow can be quickly configured to meet your needs.

With SnapSign you can build and reuse templates for frequently sent documents. If you find yourself sending out the same set of documents time and time again – such as new hire paperwork, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), sales contracts or so many others – SnapSign’s templates feature will save you a ton of time.

SnapSign’s teams feature allows you to create groups of users, so that you can share templates with only the people you need - or want to.

Legally Binding
SnapSign is compliant with the US ESIGN Act and the UETA – so you can have the confidence in knowing that your documents are legally binding.

A powerful and comprehensive audit log tracks the history of every document within SnapSign. The document audit log tracks who (user authentication method), where (IP address as well as physical location (GPS) information) and when (the date and time of changes made to the document) for all documents.

Built For NetSuite
SnapSign has achieved NetSuite’s Built For NetSuite designation helping to ensure that SnapSign meets the same level of standards for security, data privacy and overall quality as you have come to expect from NetSuite.

Thinkwork was started with the singular vision of building great applications that help businesses increase performance. Started by successful technology entrepreneurs and born out of our own experiences to make business better, Thinkwork launched its first product SnapSign to help organizations send, sign and manage documents in the cloud.

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