Simplify Payment Processing: With an all-in-one merchant account and payment gateway from Merchant eSolutions (MeS).

Simplify Payment Processing: With an all-in-one merchant account and payment gateway from Merchant eSolutions (MeS).

All-in-One Processing Solution

Merchant e-Solutions offers a fully-integrated card processing solution which allows you to facilitate payments whenever and wherever business occurs. Whether you are creating sales orders, invoices, or deposits within the NetSuite ERP, accepting payments on your eCommerce site, or receiving in-person transactions with our NetSuite integrated card reader, SuitePayments with Merchant e-Solutions provides convenience and reliability for your employees and customers. 

Key Benefits

Expanded capabilities are designed specifically for NetSuite users, and address business demands beyond core payments processing.

  • Card Swipe allows in-person payment acceptance and reduces card processing expenses
  • Automated Reconciliation seamlessly tracks transactions from acceptance to funding, making it easy to find discrepancies
  • Card on File Tokens with Account Updater supports card on file accounts securely and with substantially fewer declines
  • Foreign currency acceptance that supports global expansion with options for settlement in USD or local currency
  • Customer Care with 24/7 US-based support

Customer Quote

”Our NetSuite integration with Merchant e-Solutions was a breeze. Both sales and support were a pleasure to work with and very responsive to our needs. Merchant e-Solutions immediately saved us money by eliminating the gateway fees, and the built-in integration with NetSuite sealed the deal for” Ilan Douek, Managing Director
- Ilan Douek,

Gain Back Office Efficiencies

  • Automated Reconciliation streamlines financial accounting and cash flow management, allowing you to match settled transactions to the original order records in a single view.
  • Detailed reporting allows you to view batch summary information with drill-down into transaction activity.
  • Account Updater ensures that data for cards-on-file is current, reducing declines and eliminating manual efforts to obtain new data for reissued or expired cards; essential for any business with memberships, recurring billing or other card on file models.
  • Simplified chargeback management through automated web-based workflows.

Fully-integrated “single source” solution with expanded capabilities

Our end-to-end payment solution takes care of every step in the card processing cycle. We eliminate the need for third-party gateways that typically complicate the transaction reconciliation process and increase the cost of processing.

Capabilities that go beyond core payments processing bring advantages with advanced security provided by tokenization and reduced declines supported by Account Updater Service. 

Plus, Automated Reconciliation provides the visibility needed to ensure transactions are funded as expected.

NetSuite Integration

  • NetSuite ERP: Apply payments and credits on all the relevant screens: Invoice, Sales Order, Customer Refund, Customer Deposit, Cash Sale Payment
  • Site Builder: Easily integrate payments into your eCommerce site
  • Omni-channel acceptance options: ERP entry, in-person, eCommerce, Mail Order/Telephone Order

Payment Processing

  • Accept all major cards through one gateway and processing relationship
  • No incremental fees for payment gateway
  • Automate subscription billing and recurring payments
  • Multi-currency payment options

Credit Card Processing Services

  • All major cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners, JCB, China UnionPay
  • Level II and Level III support for Purchasing/Government Cards  
  • Account Updater for recurring billing/subscription businesses that rely on card on file
  • Advanced reporting via web or API 
  • Tokenization security technology

Additional Features

  • Card and Address Verification filters (CVV and AVS) to reduce fraud and chargebacks
  • Restrict duplicate transactions
  • Automated Reconciliation of settled transactions with orders
  • Integrated card reader for card present transactions and deposits, with options for USB or Bluetooth® 

Merchant e-Solutions is a Leader in Simplifying Payments.  

Merchant e-Solutions helps merchants accept payments anywhere and easily manage all on one platform. Merchant e-Solutions provides a global network and enables merchants to securely do business in multiple channels including in-person, online, and on the go. 

Merchant e-Solutions is based in Atlanta, GA and is part of Cielo S.A., Latin America’s leader in electronic payment solutions. 

Merchant eSolutions, Inc. is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA Merchant eSolutions, Inc is a registered ISO/MSP of Synovus Bank, Columbus, GA

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Great Company to do Business With!

We currently use Merchant e-Solutions for 5 different programs we are running. I am very pleased with the services provided by MeS. Their personnel are very friendly and helpful. Reconciling our deposits monthly has never been easier. Setting up a new merchant account is also a quick and easy process. Finally, the fees seem to be some of the lowest in the industry. I would definitely recommend using MeS.

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CC Processing Made Easy!

After using many credit card solutions over the last 20 years, using Merchant e-Solutions has by far been the easiest implementation, most dependable solution for our business needs. The online reporting makes reconcilling our deposits very quick and end of month very smooth. The support staff are very knowledgeable and friendly to work with. Both my staff and our customers are very happy which makes me very happy!

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