With Tactical Connect, you can integrate your NetSuite data via saved Searches with your favorite reporting tools and data warehouses such as but not limited to: Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Excel and more! 30-day free trial available.

With Tactical Connect, you can integrate your NetSuite data via saved Searches with your favorite reporting tools and data warehouses such as but not limited to: Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Excel and more! 30-day free trial available.

Taking NetSuite Data To The Next Level

Connect all your NetSuite saved search data to your favorite BI Tools such as, but not limited to: Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau. Qlik, PowerQuery/Excel and more.

Embed your Power BI dashboards and reports back into NetSuite with full interactivity and drill-down capabilities.

30-day free trial available! Contact us.

Key Benefits

Connect your NetSuite Data via Saved Searches: Saved searches are the #1 way NetSuite users consume data. Our connector allows you to continue using your favorite saved searches and connect them to your favorite BI tool and/or data warehouse. 

Fast and Easy: Our connector setups in 15 minutes, requires no developer background and can export millions of rows of data in minutes instead of hours like other connectors. 

Time Savings: Instead of manually exporting your data from NetSuite and importing it elsewhere, let Tactical Connect automate this process with data refreshes up to every 15 minutes. 

Dashboards in NetSuite: Publish all your PowerBI, Tableau and Qlik dashboards/reports back into NetSuite.

Alternative to ODBC

Tactical Connect is an alternative to ODBC because we use Saved Searches instead of NetSuite's back-end. Our solution is designed for all NetSuite users (no developer background required). Our solution implements in 15 minutes and allows you to send millions of rows of your data in minutes - which makes us the fastest performing connector option for NetSuite data!

Integration to Leading BI Tools

Sync your NetSuite saved searches with Gartner's #1 ranked BI Tools: Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, Excel and More.

Use of Saved Searches

-Saved Searches are easy and commonly used-Export data as tables via Saved Searches
-Access to all your NetSuite records, customization and fields

Fat and Easy

-15 minute implementation
-Export millions of rows of data in minutes, not hours
-30-day free trial available

Our NetSuite customers were exploring ways to use BI tools, create back-ups of their NetSuite data and generally use their NetSuite data in other applications via a simple and cost effective approach. So, we set out on a mission to simplify and enhance the way NetSuite users can achieve an ROI on their data! 


We are here to make your NetSuite experience awesome!

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Powerful Tool to Access & Present NetSuite Data

Tactical Connect gives you ability to control what data you use going into the data model by the use of easy NetSuite searches making it faster and more efficient. It runs seamlessly with an intuitive interface. It also allows publishing of Power BI dashboards back into NetSuite giving you full control over who gets to see what dashboards. It enriches NetSuite's dashboards dramatically giving far deeper and broader data analysis capability. Since giving access, business owners are understanding their key metrics far better and have been approaching me for more analysis and dashboards. The product has been powerful and the team at Tactical Connect have been exceptionally helpful to any of my requests.

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Integrations, Business Intelligence, and Backups!!!

We've been using Tactical Connect for over a year and it has become a workhorse for some of our key business areas. At first, it seems rather unassuming -- a "little app" that can do a few things. Don't let this "little app" fool you. It is an extremely well-built SuiteApp that allows you to get data out of NetSuite and into the systems and tools that need it.

We started using Tactical Connect when we went through our Disaster Recovery exercises. While all the other Business Systems were trying to figure out how to back up their data in a usable format, we simply built the desired Saved Searches, set a place to store them, and schedule the backups. During the live test run, we were able to "disconnect" as if we lost connectivity to NetSuite and keep our business running. Tactical Connect's processes were exactly what we needed.

Since that time, we have expanded Tactical Connect's reach to our Business Intelligence Team -- using Power BI. We have a number of advanced reports created. The team is now working on customer dashboards that will contain information pulled from NetSuite.

Finally, we have started using Tactical Connect to support our Integrations. NetSuite has become the master system of record and management and we use Tactical Connect to make sure our external systems receive the same information.

Tactical Connect has been a vital part of our NetSuite instance. Again, I say, don't let this unassuming SuiteApp fool you. It is an amazing tool and does exactly what is needed.

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