Talkable is a referral marketing software that enables e-commerce companies to run refer-a-friend campaigns.

Talkable is a referral marketing software that enables e-commerce companies to run refer-a-friend campaigns.

General Overview

Talkable offers referral software combined with expert guidance. Talkable makes it simple for e-commerce businesses to leverage referral marketing and garner results. The team has launched over 34,970 campaigns and helped generate $235 Million in sales.

Key Benefits

Talkable makes referral marketing easy. Talkable’s software enables users to:

  • Run A/B tests

  • Segment users

  • Customize campaigns

  • Prevent fraud

  • Analyze dashboards and reports

  • Optimize program and results with Customer Success Team

Customer Quote

“Getting started everything was straightforward and well explained. The team made it smooth and fast to start."
- Guillaume, Europe Brand Manger at RhinoShield

Effortless Campaign Creation

Pick from performance proven templates that our Campaign Managers will customize to your specifications, test, and optimize.

  • Supported first campaign launch

  • Have full control of your campaigns from the copy to the visuals

A/B Testing Suite

Easily run A/B tests and get informative reports on your experiments.

  • Easily run A/B test

  • Select the traffic distribution to each variant

  • The software determines winners based on statistical significance

Customer Success Portal

The Customer Success Portal is a specific section of the platform is dedicated to CS agents.

  • No training necessary

  • Resolve referral request faster

  • Easily access customer information

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Talkable’s fraud prevention technology puts every referral goes through a multi-check verification to limit false claims.

  • Limit false claims

  • Multi-check verification

  • Customizable fraud settings

Expert Campaign Management

Our referral marketing experts do everything from creating your campaign to sending you weekly analytics emails.

  • Campaign creation

  • Run tests

  • Analyze data

  • Offer actionable suggestions

  • Optimize referral campaigns

Talkable is a referral marketing software that makes it easy for e-commerce companies to grow their customer base through refer-a-friend campaigns. Talkable’s software and managed services have driven a 50x ROI for our enterprise customers and $235 Million in sales.

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