Extend the power of NetSuite by adding MessageMedia’s text-based notifications and two-way SMS conversations to the NetSuite platform. Use automated workflows, pre-built templates, batch processes or saved searches to connect with your customers via text. Quickly confirm orders, coordinate appointments, schedule deliveries and provide engaging customer support via SMS.

Extend the power of NetSuite by adding MessageMedia’s text-based notifications and two-way SMS conversations to the NetSuite platform. Use automated workflows, pre-built templates, batch processes or saved searches to connect with your customers via text. Quickly confirm orders, coordinate appointments, schedule deliveries and provide engaging customer support via SMS.

MessageMedia Text Messaging for NetSuite

Enhance your customer communications with the MessageMedia integration for NetSuite. Deliver automated, personalized communications that will get your customers’ attention and drive improved engagement and greater ROI for your business.

Key Benefits

Due to its unparalleled reach, cut-through, and immediacy, NetSuite customers are using MessageMedia’s integration to drive greater engagement with their customers.

  • 90% of SMS messages are read within 90 seconds, and 98% are read within a day
  • SMS has eight times the response rate of email
  • Promotional SMS has a 23% conversation rate
  • Using SMS for payment reminders can drop non-contract rates by 35%
Customers are seeing ROI through:
  1. Improved customer engagement - using SMS leads to dramatically increased open rates and conversions that are higher than emails or phone calls
  2. Reduced costs - NetSuite customers have reduced administrative costs by up to 50% simply by managing conversations using two-way messaging
  3. Saved time - improve business processes and increase efficiency with personalized templates, message scheduling, and automated workflows

Customer Quote

MessageMedia saves us time and money. We have a national transport fleet, we now send SMS to drivers instead of calling. Our staff spend much less time on the phone, which has improved productivity and reduced costs.
- Brian Lunn, Transpacific Industries

Sample Use Cases

Customer service: Improve your customer service communications with two-way SMS, easily sent from within your NetSuite instance:

  • Order status and shipment notifications
  • Return and refund updates
  • Post-sales surveys
  • Support requests
Marketing: Drive additional revenue for your business. Personal and high impact, SMS is the ideal channel for your customer communications:
  • Lead follow-up
  • Special offers and promotions
  • Event notifications
  • In-stock notifications
Billing and payments: Improve cashflow with billing reminders. Whether automated or sent on an ad hoc basis, MessageMedia integration makes it simple:
  • Purchase receipts
  • Statement notifications
  • Payment reminders

Conduct engaging conversations to drive conversations and loyalty

  • Two-way text messaging enables you to engage in conversations with your customers within the NetSuite platform
  • Schedule messages for delivery at the exact time of your choosing
  • Use workflow functionality to trigger ad hoc messages

Automate and streamline your communications to optimize your team’s time

  • Set up recurring daily/weekly/monthly batch messages based on specific criteria using a NetSuite Saved Search
  • Create and use SMS templates for regularly used messages, which includes mail merge functionality
  • Store frequently used headers and footers for automatic inclusion in every message

Automatically record in NetSuite’s logs

  • All SMS messages sent and received in NetSuite are recorded in the associated message log
  • Replies are delivered to the same record while notifying the appropriate NetSuite user via email

Monitoring, reporting, customer service, and more

  • A direct line to MessageMedia support who will answer your questions and ensure that the software is optimized for your business needs
  • Delivery tracking of messages sent
  • Batch SMS reporting
  • MessageMedia KeyLink functionality to receive inbound messages from leads and customers
  • Opt-out functionality, in line with compliance
  • International reach that allows you to send outbound messages to all countries, and two-way SMS in most major regions

MessageMedia is a global messaging provider that helps businesses of all sizes engage with their customers via SMS. Our NetSuite partnership allows you to send text messages directly from NetSuite - with no coding, developers or complex API's to configure.  
 SMS messaging cuts through the noise with 90 percent of text messages read within 90 seconds. MessageMedia has more than 50,000 customers worldwide, has been in the SMS business for over 20 years and we have offices across the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. Our NetSuite SMS integration drives business success by creating an engaging SMS communications platform from within NetSuite. With MessageMedia for NetSuite, businesses can now deliver personalized text messaging from NetSuite in a global, scalable manner.

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Most Helpful Reviews


Great Product, Simple to Setup

The bundle was simple to install and setup and is a definite time saver for contacting customers. We found that you can call a customer and get their message bank, text them and they will come straight back to you. Being able to text out of Netsuite means the activity is recorded and any replies are also captured in Netsuite.

The Bulk SMS function is also very easy to use. Workflows can be created to send text on a set of criteria, e.g., send a text when your order has been shipped.

Regarding the setup with Message media, they were very responsive, easy to deal with and competitively priced.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs an easy, fast and efficient way of contacting their customers.

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Increased Visibility to Our Customers

We implemented Netsuite to provide tracking numbers to our customers upon shipment and have seen great success with this product. The program is simple to use and has even saved us time and money by reducing our inbound customer service call volumes. It has also allowed us to be more proactive and increase visibility to our customers.

With this success, we plan to expand our use of this platform to check in on customers while our product is being used. This will allow us to give the customer the best experience possible after the sale is made.

I would highly recommend this product to any organization that wants to be proactive and communicative with their customers.

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Fantastic App for Texting in NetSuite

Message Media has been a life saver for our company. We have been using NetSuite for 12+ years and try to keep up with technology. We needed an easy way to be able to text customers and automate text messages at all business levels and MessageMedia delivered! They worked one on one to address all of our business needs. We can now text appointment reminders (even automate text reminders), send sales follow ups via text and there are so many more features we are eager to get and to use, like sending custom links in our text messages. We would highly recommend this app to anyone who uses NetSuite and wants to stay relevant with technology and messaging customers.

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Customer Support is AMAZING!

We decided to add SMS text marketing to our overall marketing strategy to nurture leads and communicate with current clients. We vetted several companies, but ultimately choose MessageMedia because it integrates with NetSuite. From the very beginning, they've been a joy to work with and have been INSANELY helpful, proactive and responsive. We ran in to a few issues getting the platform working the way we wanted it to give our business model, but Rich, Ryan and Alex were always there to help – literally within minutes. They'd hop on a call, run tests, fix coding - they did anything they could to help troubleshoot and correct the issue. If you use NetSuite and are looking to add SMS text marketing to your strategy, I cannot recommend Message Media enough!

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