Tvarana Inventory Count is an easy to use tool that gives you a framework to perform regular inventory counts and record them in NetSuite

Tvarana Inventory Count is an easy to use tool that gives you a framework to perform regular inventory counts and record them in NetSuite


This tool provides you with a data sheet of inventory information that can be exported and filled in with real-time warehouse data. The data sheet can then be imported into NetSuite, reviewed and processed as a batch. Inventory adjustments are created for all items that were approved on review.

Key Benefits

  • Inventory data sheet for export
  • One-step import process for physical count
  • Review and exclude unapproved items from count
  • Auto-calculate variance
  • Batch create inventory adjustments
  • Supports lot numbered and serial items
  • Perform bin-specific counts


Performing inventory counts in NetSuite is often a tedious, time-consuming process. This SuiteApp is designed to save you time and effort by providing a ready-built framework to perform real-time warehouse counts and batch-post inventory adjustments in NetSuite. With features such as support for bins & serial items, the app is engineered to help you keep track of your inventory count with regularity.

Inventory Data Sheet

The app provides a data sheet with item & inventory data from NetSuite for export. This data sheet can be filled in with real-time warehouse inventory counts and reimported into NetSuite. The data sheet also lets you segregate items by bins, if they are enabled.

Auto-calculate variance

Variance count and average variance amount for items are auto-calculated at the time of import of the data sheet.

Review & Post Adjustments

Review the re-imported data along with variance before letting the app post inventory adjustments. Exclude any items that you would like to re-count. The app will create inventory adjustments for all items that are approved in a batch.

Support for Lot-Numbered and Serial Items

Post adjustments easily for lot-numbered and serial items. Serial numbers are pre-filled in the inventory data sheet. On reimport, the app reconciles the data with existing serial numbers in NetSuite and posts adjustments. The app eliminates the need to manually key in serial numbers to create adjustments in NetSuite.

Bin-Specific Count

 If your company prefers to keep track of inventory by bin, the app enables you to easily break up count by bins. The data sheet will list items by bins, and will also post bin-specific inventory adjustments

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Great Addition to Netsuite

Great company! I really enjoyed working with Tvarana. They are very responsive and eager to solve problems. The inventory count is a great way to count a complete location or bin using excel files as input sheets and importing to complete. This is a must have for doing a complete physical inventory.

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