WAERlite is a low-cost, rapidly deployed, feature-rich warehouse management system for companies that run Oracle NetSuite. It is the baby brother of WAERlinx, the class-leading advanced WMS in the NetSuite space, and is driven by the same transaction engine at the heart of the platform. The key difference with WAERlite is that all complex functionality has been stripped out to leave the optimum system for smaller, less complex warehouse operations, or customers who want to start immediately and graduate to WAERlinx when the need arises. WAERlite is perfect for companies that simply want to take the paper picklists out of their warehouses, switch to a barcode based operation and introduce traceability with operator performance management. And because it is based on WAERlinx, it has every function that you need to run a simple supply chain and at the same time, has a beautiful user interface for the whole team.

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