Weight-based POS with scale integration, camera, ID scanner, fingerprint scanner, ATM, cash and coin dispenser integration with an online back office.

Weight-based POS with scale integration, camera, ID scanner, fingerprint scanner, ATM, cash and coin dispenser integration with an online back office.


WeighPay Solutions is first and foremost a software development firm focused on compliance solutions for the global Scrap Metal & Waste Management industries.

Key Benefits

WeighPay applications are installed on smartphones, tablets and PC's with integration to any/most Scales, Cameras, Printers, Cash Drawers, ID scanners, Fingerprint Scanners, Signature Pads, ATM's, and Cash Coin Dispensers with cloud storage for data and images.

Customer Quote

For years we desperately tried to find software that would fit our needs at a reasonable price. At one point, we even went as far as hiring a programmer to write software for us which turned out to only do basic things we wanted. I only wish we found WeighPay Solutions sooner. They totally understood what we were trying to achieve and worked with us to get us what we needed at a reasonable cost. Not only that, they have worked with us to streamline their software to our specific needs. I can't say enough about the guys at WeighPay. Even though they have truly have earned our business, they still work hard for it!
- Joshua Trudeau


WeighPay is a powerful enterprise level "weight-based" industrial retail point of sale/purchase solution.  With massive buttons for ease of use in an industrial environments WeighPay integrates the hardware directly to your ticketing devices that send data to your accounting back end in real time. As a Built-For-NetSuite product your WeighPay scale transactions will be available in NetSuite in real-time.


Connecting to scale indicators is what we do best, we can connect to your scales via serial (rs232), network, Bluetooth and USB connections.  We prefer network connections.  For example, one tablet can connect to 9 scale indicators at the same time.


We have integrated cameras into the data collection process, as items are purchased or sold, the user will be prompted to take a photo.  The software can also capture images of the vendor or customer, take images of the vehicle or plate image.


We use ID Scanners so you on board customers in seconds with one button. We also capture the ID image and face-shot off the ID and place that on the ticket so you always know who are you working with from station to station.


WeighPay offers several features for the re-grading of metals from one grade to many grades.  
Upgrading or downgrading are a huge part the scrap metal industry.  We offer an auto regrade feature, a manual regrade feature, add missing inventory feature and transferring inventory from location to location with full WIP reporting.

A full inventory management system, tracking average cost of materials, creating bar coded inventory packages for non ferrous, packing slips with reconciliation, shipping reports (BOL) to begin the sales process.  

Shipping reports can be automatically added to AR Invoices for billing, making it a one step process to create a BOL and AR Invoice.


WeighPay offers a fully integrated SMS marketing platform. Allowing yards to auto send SMS messages directly to their customers phones. 97% are read within 3 minutes.

Customer Categories: the ability to sub-categorize customers into different languages and groups allows text messages to be very specific to your intended audience. 

PopScrap.com Inc., a.k.a WeighPay Solutions was founded in 2011 to serve the global scrap metal recycling and waste management industries using locally installed applications with cloud storage.  This instantly connects locations and devices to send and receive data in real-time via the internet as its network. 

WeighPay applications are specifically designed to capture compliance images during the scale transactions, manage the payment methods and then push ticket data to NetSuite for accounting purposes in real-time. 

PopScrap.com re-branded its application name to WeighPay Solutions in 2015 to serve different verticals like the waste management industry, seafood fisheries, oil & gas waste industry, aggregate industry and the industrial retail industry like Garden Centers. 

PopScrap offers turn key bundled hardware software packages that include Windows POS devices, Android POS devices, tablets, ID Scanners, fingerprint scanners, signature pads, USB and BT Printers, USB and IP Cameras, ID card printers, document scanners, ATM's, cash and coin dispensers.

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