Xcelero automates testing of business processes in NetSuite. Discrete transactions and end-to-end process flows can be tested. Pass/fail criteria can be defined at the user interface and/or data level. Execution is automated and can be scheduled.

Xcelero automates testing of business processes in NetSuite. Discrete transactions and end-to-end process flows can be tested. Pass/fail criteria can be defined at the user interface and/or data level. Execution is automated and can be scheduled.

Business Process Validation in NetSuite

Any changes to your NetSuite environment including new releases can disrupt critical business processes unless they are tested for regression. Xcelero accelerates business process validation by automating testing.

Key Benefits

Business Process Validation is often overlooked because it is tedious to create multiple discrete test cases to reflect various scenarios and manually execute them. Creating business flows such as ‘Order-to-Cash’ where one transaction flows from beginning to end is even harder when you only have spreadsheets to work with.  

Xcelero is the only tool that allows Test Automation for NetSuite business processes without using the 'record-and-replay' approach or painful scripting. Test cases and process flows once created can be saved and reused for your next regression test cycle.


With Xcelero, you can:

  • Auto-learn test cases 
  • Replicate test cases by adjusting existing ones
  • Group test cases or link them to create business flows
  • Automatically execute tests
  • Easily define success criteria
  • Analyze results to keep testing on track
  • Save and reuse test cases and process flows

Easy Creation of Test Cases

A key feature of Xcelero Business Process Test Automation SuiteApp is the ease of defining test cases. Xcelero can auto-learn a number of test cases immediately upon deployment. It also allows test case data capture with a single click. Transaction forms, entry forms, custom forms and suitelets can be used to define test cases.

Grouping Test Cases as Business Process Flows

Xcelero also enables testing of end-to-end business processes such as Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay which involve multiple test cases that are interdependent. This enables testing of specific business scenarios such as complete processing of sales orders that have serial numbered inventory items on lines to shipping of these items to billing and accepting customer payment.

Ability for Users to Define Success Criteria for Test Cases

Xcelero gives the users the ability to define what constitutes pass/fail for a given test case. This validation can occur during the virtual user interaction in the user interface or after the record has been submitted to the database. In some cases, it is enough to confirm that the test case created a new transaction. In other cases, the user may want to confirm that a standard or custom field had a specific value or inspect the contents of an associated custom record.

Automated Execution of Test Cases

An integral part of Xcelero is the ability to execute test cases automatically without any manual involvement. Test execution can be performed on demand or on a schedule. This allows testing a larger variety and volume of test cases without involvement from key users. Xcelero also lets test cases and group executions be saved and re-run in a given test cycle.

Test Case Execution Analytics

Powerful searches allow analysis of test case executions by user, process flow, test cycle or transaction type. Results can also be viewed graphically in your dashboard.

Xcelero was formed with a singular mission to help users of NetSuite‘s cloud-based enterprise applications accelerate their business process validation. Automatic bi-annual releases allow NetSuite users to take advantage of new features and functions but also introduce risk if the updates disrupt critical business processes. Xcelero develops and implements the Xcelero SuiteApp that dramatically reduces time for Business Process Validation. Xcelero is a SuiteCloud Developer Network Partner.

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Takes the pain out of regression testing

We have a complex and highly customized NetSuite environment and need to test hundreds of test cases. When we were testing manually, it would take our QA Analyst an average of one day to define and document six test cases in Microsoft Excel. Execution, verification and documentation of these six test cases would take roughly three hours for every test cycle. This translated into hundreds of hours spent in testing. With Xcelero, we can define the same six test cases in one and half hours and when done they are already documented in the SuiteApp. The QA Analyst now submits test cases for automated execution in our sandbox at her convenience and checks in on the results after attending to other tasks. Moreover she can either isolate specific use cases for testing or select every case and mark all for execution just before logging out at the end of the day. The routines run overnight and the following morning the results are ready. The SuiteApp captures screenshots at each step in the process so it is easy to identify point of failure as the onscreen error message is also captured. The impact to the rework-retest cycle is significant because developers already know what happened and when, time is not wasted retracing steps with end users. The test model is built within the sandbox environment and periodically copied to production which means it is also copied into the release preview environment, and it is not lost when the sandbox is refreshed. As soon as access is available to the release preview all test scenarios can be executed and results determined. This immediate heads-up is invaluable to the upgrade process.

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Speeds up testing of complex customizations

We have a complex NetSuite environment and we are constantly rolling out new customizations in support of business initiatives. Recently, we were in the process of introducing a complex approval process with over one hundred possible conditions that needed to be tested. With Xcelero, we were able to rapidly capture test data, define pass/fail criteria and automate execution. It was a big time saver. We were also able to leverage Xcelero for our 2017.1 Release Preview testing.

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My experience with Xcelero was great, I think if used correctly it can definitely be a very valuable tool.I would definitely recommend it to anyone using NetSuite.

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Very helpful app

We have a large number of scripts and integrations in our NetSuite environment. Xcelero allows us to perform testing to a level that was previously impossible for us. Our analysts are now able to do functional and regression testing for customizations as well as release upgrades for a fraction of the time it took us previously. Highly recommended. .

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Smart, Intuitive and Powerful Regression Testing Tool

Having a background in software QA management, I have an appreciation for applications that are both smart and easy to use. Xcelero's platform is an excellent example of how to do it right. With a focus entirely on the NetSuite platform - Xcelero's ability to capture and create test cases and manage deep libraries of repeatable test workflows is simply unmatched. If you are business using NetSuite, making periodic changes or upgrades, and managing data integrations - the XCELERO automated testing tool will give you 100% visibility to when/if system updates create issues or otherwise break your critical process workflows. Highly recommended.

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