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edERP University - You Educate.. We Manage!

edERP combines in a single solution student information, his/her entire school lifecycle record of activity, as well as the student’s accounting record.

An efficient blend of the online and offline process within the admissions cycle allows greater flexibility in managing the entire process from application to review, admissions test, accept or reject application.

Use of edERP Student Administration ensures that students maintain up-to-date data (address, phone numbers, emails, responsible party information for example) at all times as that is required for ongoing enrollment activity. Virtual Queuing solution available on demand for high traffic enrollment days.

Course Management module within edERP is the virtual Course Planner sitting in the Cloud! It facilitates a greater control and ease of planning across the otherwise cumbersome functions of School Administration routine, like Academic Planning, Course Section planning, and Scheduling.

Allows you to experience the benefits of avoiding scheduling conflicts, copying previous schedules, and publishing multi-view calendars to your Students, Faculty and Staff!

And all of this built on top of the NetSuite's robust ERP base with configurable workflow and email communications at relevant points.

Key Benefits

  1. Online admission process integrated with institute’s website
  2. Easy and intuitive student and faculty portal for effective student management.
  3. Comprehensive admission form to capture personal details, complete profile and other information in a single unified record
  4. Provision to offer and record selected entrance test schedules on a student-by-student basis
  5. Select courses from lists showing class timings, faculty and days of the week
  6. Ability to pre-enroll which converts to enrollment automatically
  7. Virtual queuing available on high traffic enrollment days
  8. Add, drop, modify schedule if permitted
  9. Plan and Schedule Course Sections as per demand
  10. Dissolve/add Course Sections
  11. Manage scheduling conflicts
  12. Copy historical schedules
  13. Visual schedule display

Integrated Solution for Academic Institutions built for Netsuite

edERP University, the complete University management solution built on the leading cloud platform by NetSuite. Manages all aspects of a university or group of universities in a single application encompassing accounting and finance, admission, student-class assignment , course planning and scheduling, grading, student credit and collections and guidance and discipline. Visual, easy to use design for students, faculty and administrators.

All requirements for tertiary education have been built into the system for rapid deployment and ease of use. No servers or local IT support required. Subscription based with local support. You educate…let edERP manage.

edERP Admissions

  1. One-step registration
  2. Email enabled workflow
  3. Student Account creation in edERP
  4. Track the status changes for an applicant for e.g. Applicant-Registered, Applicant – Submitted up to Active Student
  5. Collect and collate applicant documents in a single repository
  6. Ability for the students to register for admission test and book slots
  7. Ability for the institute to schedule and administer and monitor test and admission process in an organized fashion.

edERP Enrollment

  1. Allows students to Play around with various schedule possibilities before selecting the one best suited to them.
  2. Avoid scheduling conflicts
  3. View schedule in a visual calendar to suit time of day and day of week requirements on a per student basis
  4. Functionality permits students to pre-enroll for classes in a future academic period
  5. Pre-enrollments can be attached to validations and converted automatically to enrollments at the appropriate time
  6. Business Rules validations embedded to check prerequisites completion before enrollment can be completed.
  7. Course Adjustments permit the following:
    1. Drop a course
    2. Add a course
    3. Switch sections to get a preferred time or different faculty

edERP Course Management

  1. Create and approve annual academic plans per program
  2. Plan student counts per program year level
  3. Auto-calculation of course demand, based on approved academic plans.
  4. Create course sections by course component, e.g. lecture sections, seminar sections etc.
  5. Group course sections.
  6. Demand Based Course Section Planning and Dissolution
  7. Choose between the two available scheduling methods - from scratch and from historical data.
  8. Get the Real time - In progress graphical view and notifications of your schedule and resources(faculty, rooms, etc.) availability.
  9. Parameterized Course Schedule display available based on course, faculty, classroom, student batch.
  10. Dissolve course sections based on the pre-enrollment/enrollment figures with seamless financial impact.

edERP Grading

  1. Enter or upload final grades.
  2. Grading available in 2 variants:
    a) Transcript Grading
    b) Component Grading
  3. Grade Petition to submit revaluations.
  4. Embedded approval workflow.
  5. Calculation of grade average and Student Promotion.
  6. Multiple Grade Type(GPA/GWA/QPI etc.) supported.

edERP Discounts And Scholarship

  1. Allows full/partial payment.
  2. Supports various scholarships to be configured.
  3. Supports Sibling Discount.

Seasoned and reliable NetSuite Solution Provider with presence in the US, APAC and EMEA focusing on NetSuite solutions for companies with distributed global or regional operations. Softype was honored as a NetSuite 3 Star Partner at SuiteWorld 2015. Extensive implementation experience with skill sets in process mapping, configuration, scripting and customization, and training with successful deliveries in more than a dozen countries on four continents. Since 2010, Softype has been developing solutions on the NetSuite platform in the following areas: discrete manufacturing, preventive and breakdown maintenance, pre-spend budgeting, project management for construction companies. In 2014, Softype introduced a full featured solution for university and college operations, called edERP. This solution encompasses Admissions, Course Planning and Management, Enrollment, Grading and Transcripts. In 2015, the company introduced K12edERP, a solution for K to 12 schools.

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