Proof of Delivery, Direct Store Delivery and Route Sales solution designed for NetSuite. jLan Mobile equips your route sales, delivery drivers or mobile sales teams with the mobile technology needed to properly service your accounts while out on the road.

Proof of Delivery, Direct Store Delivery and Route Sales solution designed for NetSuite. jLan Mobile equips your route sales, delivery drivers or mobile sales teams with the mobile technology needed to properly service your accounts while out on the road.

Turnkey Robust Direct Store Delivery and Route Sales Solution

jLAN Mobile integrates important route sales functions including route processing, order processing, payment processing, direct store delivery, off-truck sales, invoice management and settlement capabilities which provides your field sales teams  with the functionality needed to streamline daily route activities. 

Key Benefits

  • jLAN supports Pre-Sales, Van Sales or Direct Store Delivery and Proof of Delivery  modes so you can service all customer types.  
  • Enterprise grade route management functionality that lets you control and monitor daily route operations. 
  • User interface is designed to maximize each and every customer visit so your reps can make more stops in less time. 
  • Survey capabilities lets you collect in-store marketing data so you can make intelligent proactive decisions that will protect and grow your business. 

Customer Quote

Within a few months of implementing jLAN Mobile, the number of back orders dropped dramatically. That is more than $300,000 straight to the bottom line.
- Francisco Villacian Graupera,

Cloud Based Enterprise Grade Direct Store Delivery System

jLAN Mobile support Pre-Sales, Route Sales and Direct Store Delivery operating models. We understand your customers are demanding more and more from you every day. Customers want you, the vendor, to merchandise the shelves, keep them adequately stocked to avoid stock outs and provide updated promotions to improve product sell through. jLAN Mobile equips your field sales teams with the mobile software they need to effectively meet these challenges.

Easily manage hundreds of routes

The jLAN Portal let's you group customers into sales or delivery routes. Route schedules can then be organized by day of week and sorted by stop sequence. 

Enhanced Pricing and Promotions

Key support for enhanced promotional capabilities such as Buy Y Get X free functions that are crucial for selling consumer goods products.

Route Settlements

Full start of day and end of day settlement procedures ensures your reps are accountable for their daily activities.

Order Guides

Order Guides are customer specific product lists that ensures your reps are selling the right products to your customers. Order guides maximize in store efficiency by speeding up order entry. Order Guides provide detailed buying history your reps can use to have meaningful up sell discussions with store managers.

Merchandising and Survey's

jLAN’s merchandising and survey capabilities enable your reps to easily capture survey data and geo tag photos of shelves and in- store merchandising displays. Managers can see completed surveys and retail audits from the jLAN web-console so you can proactively protect and increase your business.

jLAN Technologies is leading provider of Direct Store Delivery, Route Accounting and Mobile Sales software for wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors. Since 2001 jLAN Mobile  has been used by companies in over a dozen countries to optimize their route sales and field sales operations. jLAN Technologies prides itself on providing the highest quality software and backs it up with world class personalized support.

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Cozzini installed jLAN in 2012 and it has been a game changer for the Company. jLAN was linked with NetSuite through web services and used by our route drivers on various handheld devices. The payback was almost instantaneous, with significant savings in both route driver and back office manpowers. We were able to go paperless in processing invoices, capture signatures that flowed back into NetSuite and reconcile cash payments automatically. jLAN has done a great job in continuing to enhance their software product each year and advance onto different mobile platforms as the times have changed.

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Cost-effective and Strong ROI

Kelser has been using JLAN for mobile POD since June 2019. We've seen immediate ROI on the time savings for our Logistics team and the data is pushed back into NetSuite in near real time which is a great benefit for our Customer Support crew managing client requests. Our customers readily adopted the interface - we use an iPad vs iPhone. We worked with the team at JLAN to customize some of the data feeds as well as utilize a different transaction (item fulfillment vs sales order) and while all development can have bumps, the JLAN team was VERY responsive and respectful of our need to resolve production issues immediately. Great team. Worked as expected - what a pleasant surprise for a Netsuite extension.

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